Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

There will always come a point in your life where you will all of a sudden feel a dose of emptiness within. Your enthusiasm will just depart from you and leave you with nothing but emptiness.

I have a friend who works in a routinely 8 hour job who obviously was bored of what he has been doing. He woke up one morning just after his 2 days rest to report for his first day of the week. They have an irregular schedule so therefore his first day was not the typical Monday that everybody would have. On that morning he felt the urge of not reporting for work and just simply wanted lay idle in the house.

A lady I know also who keeps on visiting her doctor for some illness that she thought she had because she keeps feeling the symptom in her body. The doctor on the other hand diagnoses her and finds nothing except that she is showing some signs of fatigue.

All these foregoing statements are feelings brought about by how you respond to a situation, how you react to certain scenario, and this response is known to be your attitude. It is the attitude of the individual which stirs one person to respond positively or negatively to any given situation. According to definition, attitude is a position of the body or manner of carrying oneself. I say it is your attitude to decide to smile in the midst of a storm or cry when everybody is happy.

Everybody is entitled to feeling inadequate at any given point in ones life. An adolescent is one classic example where this feeling of inadequacy is evidently seen. Adolescence is the age of confusion they say because this is where there are a lot of changes happening in the child's body. Emotion is much affected buy these changes. Another example of having terrible changes is when a man is in the middle of his life and undergoes the crisis of knowing what he really wants to do and where does he really want to go. A woman in the menopausal stage also undergoes difficulties adjusting to body changes.

A new born baby cries every time the baby is hungry because that is how he responds to his situation. The baby has no ability to think yet and decide what to do. The only exception to the rule where the attitude is not an issue is on the infant's case. All the issues in preceding paragraphs are trigger points of having a bad attitude. Telling somebody that he has bad attitude may have come probably form this context.

Ones attitude in life determines his personal disposition in. A responsible person would decide how he would respond to his situation correctly. Going back to my friend who was feeling down and didn't have the drive to work, had he really succumb to negativity, he would absent himself and worse might just resign eventually. The lady who was feeling sick and yet no diagnosis of being ill will eventually become sick because she doesn't eat normally, she couldn't sleep well and many other side effect of negative feeling.

A good suggestion to prime up your attitude is to have a positive activity that will give you little results and accomplishments that would contribute to your little victories in life. If you need to work on your garden and make your hand dirty working on the soil, then do it because by this simple act you get to unwind the stress building up in you. If you know a little carpentry, then hammer some and saw some just for the sake of making yourself busy, it is best if you are able to repair anything and gets it done.

Try to learn new things. If you are fond of using the computer, why don't you learn to use a new software that will increase you know how in using it. You might just realize that you are by learning new things you will add value to yourself. Who knows you might just discover that you have a hidden talent for graphic arts or movie editing etc.

Your little victories will overshadow all your little temporary defeats. You will still be exerting the same amount of energy by sulking in the corner and complain about your miseries. All the more it is worse when you are not miserable you yet you feel like one. Smile! Cheer up! Just like what everybody says, life is too short to feel bad. Your attitude will either make your life better or may break you.

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