Attaining Abundance In Life

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

Prosperity is the true meaning of the word Abundance.This single word can be interpreted in two different ways by different people according to their mental taste.Abundance can mean a financial increase in some people. It can be increased in the health of others.
Abundance can even mean as fulfillment of your dreams in a career. This word has another beautiful meaning which most of us do not count as important and that is Spiritual abundance, or giving space to one’s self. 

Attaining abundance…

Attaining abundance in life is actually experiencing the fact that you have achieved something for the time being, which makes you extremely happy and contented. You are contented because you think you have achieved something which you wanted so badly, and you have gained it to more than an extent.

Abundance is felt as an inner feeling which you experience today.
If you experience abundance today, then be free enough to feel happy for your abundance. If you want to use your abundance, and find out ways to get ‘it’, change yourself from the regular pattern of work, remove the hurdles from your way, get rid of the fear factors, convey your ideas to others correctly, be self-confident and  be aware of the fact that nothing can come between you and your seek to abundance.
If you to gain abundance, whether it be financial abundance or the spiritual one, then

Your mental, emotional and spiritual factors must be accelerated.

Make your brain think that you are about to achieve everything you have dreamt in life. Never think that you cannot achieve anything in life on your observation of the situations available to you. Most of our situations stand against our dream. It is our mind which has to set the trend away from regular negative situations available to us into positive ones.

Activate positivity in you. Always tune your mind in such a manner that you are never affected by negativity around you. Maybe your situations or the people around you try to play politics to keep you off from success and achievement of your abundance in life. It is their problem to pester you and hurt you in all possible ways to keep you away from success. If we train our mind to act according to other people, then no matter how much you dream, it will not come to pass. Make a point to understand the fact that if we want something, then DREAM IT. By dreaming, you are opening ways for the right situations to come into your way. No matter how strong the obstacles are, you will find yourself opening new ways to accomplish your dreams.

If you want to get abundance in your life, then you must first train yourself in influencing others. If you are keen in influencing others with your positive ideas and self-confidence, then you will find others stay close to you in achieving your path to success and abundance.

Observe the lives of other people who had succeeded in life out of limited resources. Just make yourself believe that you can succeed if they can.

Respect yourself. Be truthful to yourself and always think of yourself as a person full of talents and abilities. Keep your head high and speak honestly.

If you are into a work, show your full commitment. If you are committed, then no stumbling blocks can hold you back from success.

Have faith in yourself. As you respect yourself, so shall you have faith in yourself. Without faith in you, you will not be able to fulfill or achieve your dreams. Having confidence in you and your work will help you to climb the steps of your goal very successfully. If you do not believe in you, then there is no point of dreaming high.

Commitment to yourself. You must be committed to yourself in every way. Never allow yourself to be looked down upon. A small debt or financial crisis can make you down and look upon yourself as a failure. Make every chance to make yourself feel free and contented. Make yourself free of debt. Even the payment of your credit card bills make you uncomfortable. So make plans to complete your financial debts as early as possible. Any debt can make you feel insecure and can prevent you from being creative. That is, if you want to be creative in your work, then your mind must be free of all tensions of financial troubles or debts. When you are free of your financial trouble, then you can free your mind of the tensions and concentrate on your work with utmost sincerity.

Give to gain. This is an extraordinary technique to get abundance in life, whether it be abundance in spiritual enlightenment or abundance in financial status or abundance in career. The one principle which helps us achieve abundance is giving what you have to others. If you want abundance in finances, then help others. Give money to those needed even if you are not having enough money. Similarly, if you have a talent, for example writing talent, then give out your full potential even in a small article. If you give, you get. If you write more, you can increase your talent, and develop it to such an extent that you can make your writing skills perfect. More you write, more perfect your writing skills will be.
It is better to share an idea than to keep it intact with you. Use your potentials even if it is for the use of another person. Never be too self-centered that you forget that you are a part of a society. Give what you have. When you help, help will come back to you when you need it.

Be Loyal to others. If you want to be successful in your career and your family life, then be loyal to others. If in your job, you are loyal to your team members, then you can boost up your colleagues to do a joint work successfully. In family too Loyalty has its own place. If your approach to your family members is positive, and if they feel that you are loyal towards them, then you can find joy and peace in your family, and you can also gain mental support from each member when you are in times of despair.

Have a clear idea of what you want to do and how much effort you are putting on your dream. The more effort you put, the closer will be your steps towards success and abundance.

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