Attaining A Well Trained Mind Through Mind Mapping

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Shaping your life by mapping your mind is all about tracing the hidden potential within oneself and living up to it by harnessing our mind power. Our consciousness, which is nothing but our awareness about feelings and behavior, is always influenced by hidden needs, wishes and conflicts. These factors are deeply couched in the subconscious or unconscious part of our mind and play a predominant role in determining behavior. Mind mapping involves using our conscious mind to map our unconscious part by way of discipline and introspection. It is an enriching exercise to understand our innate strengths and weakness, and harmonize it with our way of life. The chief objective is not only effective utilization of our brain power but also conflict resolution in our personality as a whole by removing the behavioral disconnects. Individual's who've tested success in various parts of their lives attest to the fact that having a well trained mind is quite crucial in gaining any kind of success in life.
Human behavior is always determined by motives, and all motives are not apparent, except for a few basic biological ones. Our social and emotional motives lie deep inside our subconscious or unconscious mind and play a major part in our behavior. These social needs can be the right motivational factor to trigger the mind and make it function at its optimum level. Our mind is at its best when it does what it likes the most according to its needs and wants. Mind mapping is a path to realize one's full potential by matching the motivational factors with the inherent skills. It activates a man's tendency to live up to his potentialities and actualize by defining his purpose of life. It is the right way to build a strong self esteem by doing and excelling in our areas of interest. A powerful mind is a creative one that is fertile with potent ideas to propel the human spirit. Your attitude towards life is always a reflection of your mind, and an omniscient spirit is always guided by the omnipotent mind. Therefore, map your mind to shape your life.
It is very important to understand that one can achieve success through engaging proper mind mapping techniques. Anyone interested in attaining any success should first and foremost plan about the success; same applies to attaining a well trained mind, one need to plan how they wish to attain the success and work towards it. There are quite a number of informational portals that help individual plan on how to achieve such success, it is very important to seek such information from sources which are reputable. Engaging your mind in affecting success should be your primary goal, you should meditate on it until you've attained your goal. Self affirmation is also very important, when an individual speaks loudly about issues they wish to achieve then the mind adapts to what is said and measures to have that fulfilled are undertaken. One should also seek to lead a life less stressful as a stressful life is a deterrent to attain a well trained mind.

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