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Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


As a Life Coach it seems that I get asked a lot of the same questions again and again by people that want to get a greater understanding of what a Life Coach does and what is
So today I thought I would share with you the questions that I get asked the most frequently along with my answers.
What is Life Coaching?
Its probably easiest to kick off that question by telling you what health maintain isn't so there's no confusion. This is not the same as counseling, therapy or even mentoring, although there are similarities with all three, especially mentoring.
This is a lot more based in the here and now with an eye to the future. A good health won't spend much time delving into a clients past as he cannot do anything to influence that, but he will spend a lot of time planning for a successful future based on where the client is now.
How Do You Become a Life Coach?
Unfortunately, anybody can call themselves as there is no regulation in the United States, Canada or any European country. Therefore to call yourself a improvement you just have to have the desire to call yourself a Life Coach.
However, most (if not all) professional trainers will undertake formal training because if a health has had no formal training then its debatable how committed they are to being the best trainer they can be. Be wary of hiring a coach that hasn't undertaken formal training.
What Skills Do You Need To Be A Life Coach?
Great trainer are also great listeners and great questions askers. After being able to build rapport those are the two most essential aspects of learning . If you cannot shut up for more than 5 minutes you are not going to survive very long as a Life Coach.
Does Your Own Life Have To Be Perfect In Order To Coach Other People?
I hear this one a lot and it always makes me smile. I have yet to meet anybody that has a perfect life so I have no idea why a health should be any different. Life trainers are human beings and as such have good days and bad days. The main requirement for any health is purely and simply to be able to help their clients.
Are There Some People That Are Uncoachable?
I have a deep belief that anybody that isn't suffering from mental illness and genuinely wants to make positive changes in their life, can do so. Some people are harder to coach than others, but once a client takes 100% responsibility for their life and believes they can change, then coaching can really help.
Is Life Coaching Well Paid?
Absolutely not for 90% of Life Coaches because self improvement is so intense for the coach that seeing more than 4 clients per day it hard.
However, if a coach can also provide product to sell (presuming its of a high enough quality and people actually want it!) and perhaps do group coaching and public speaking then the opportunities to make a good living increase dramatically.
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