Art That Symbolizes Emotional Quotient

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


Art by definition has various identities and has been prevailing almost as long as mankind has been into existence. It is characterized by expressions and other qualities to portray the thoughts of an artist. Visual arts take the form of paintings, sculptures, photography, performing arts, fine arts and many such other shapes that evolve around the facet of emotions. The purpose of art has been highly abstract and cannot be quantified to any single perspective.
Emotions are an integral part of life which brings different flavors to one's living. These emotions are the reflection of one's feeling, perception and imagination. All these elements of a person emotion can take wings and fly off on a huge canvas to explore various dimensions of life and factors associated with it. Emotions have the ability to transit a person from one event to other drawing inferences on various topics it wanders through. When these emotions are captured on a canvas, it depicts reality which makes one think to the extent of drawing various possibilities. This is the bottom line essence of every painting that takes shape on the canvas.
A painting cannot be just a mere combination of colors brought together to showcase a topic or event with the vital elements discarded from it. On the contrary the prime objective of any painting is to bring vibrancy and add colorful shades of life to it. It should evoke ones cognitive ability and compel the viewer to converse with the painting and draw multiple inferences based on each one's thinking approach.
Every human being has emotions and time and again has been displayed through their acts and deeds. It's a topic of research and development for psychologists and human behavior specialist. Even they have resorted to paintings to draw conclusions and understand human behavior. With the aid of paintings they have been able to identify different personalities and traits in human being. This is the gravity of painting and therefore just does not restrict itself to the dimensions of the canvas and color palette.
Peter Van Eupen is a well-known artist located in Antwerpen, Belgium and his paintings are famous for the unique charm it throws. His firm belief in the concept of successful paintings is to use the brush to develop an art that speaks, has emotions connected with it and brings life to it. An Art without emotions is not an Art and does not qualify to be a part of his exquisite gallery of paintings.
His work portfolio is enormous to include paintings with water colors, calligraphic ink and acrylic. His specialty is carving emotions on different surfaces using different techniques of art. His painting work comprises of usage of a paper, acrylic or any other surface which does not fail to imbibe the element of emotion in it.
Peter Van Eupen swiftly uses his brush to develop innovative art that depicts emotions and bring radiance to the paintings.

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