Are You In Sync With Your Life Purpose?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Wouldn't it be great if there were a foolproof way to know if you're lined up with your life purpose, the whole reason you're here? Actually, there is a way to figure out whether your life is headed in a good direction that's going to be pleasing to you and in sync with your life purpose or not.
Every one of us has a built-in guidance system - it's kind of like a GPS for your life. It's based on the principle that what you think with emotion is what you will get, whether that's good or bad. And your emotions will always tell you what direction you're headed in.
It's a principle as old as humankind. It's the most ancient formula for answered prayer. Even Jesus told us to believe that we already have what we're asking for in prayer in order for us to receive it. In other words, when you're thinking about what you're asking for, and you're believing, or feeling the certain feelings of it already being a reality, that's what will come to pass.
Pretending that you're feeling the feelings won't work. The Universe will always respond to your real emotions.
Now if it's true that what you think with emotion is what you will get, it makes sense to very carefully monitor your thoughts and emotions, because they will unfailingly tell you what you're focused on.
There are really only two basic emotions: fear and love. Everything else is some variation or subcategory. And it's not really so hard to tell the difference about which category your emotions are churning in if you know what to look for.
Fear - and all the subcategories under that - feels very different than love. Fear feels heavy, dark, constricted, musty, cold, contractive, nauseating, tense.
Love feels expansive, joyful, relaxing, light, fresh, inspiring, heart opening, warm, free, invigorating.
So here's how to use this guidance system both to check your current direction as well as to evaluate future decisions:
To check the direction you're going now, think about the road you're on, close your eyes, and just let yourself feel. The toughest part here can be letting go of the "should's." So often we feel that we "should" be on a particular path, but inside our spirit is screaming. Maybe it's what society expects of you, or your parents, or your partner, or your friends. But if it's not honestly, deep down inside, aligned with your highest purpose and your true life path, if it doesn't make your heart sing, or at least hum, you're going to feel some variation of those fear feelings.
So if you find you're going in a direction that has negative emotions attached to it, since what you think with emotion you will get, then you will get a negative outcome if you keep going on that path. And that's an outcome that's not aligned with your life purpose.
It works exactly the same way for you when you're making a decision. Lots of times your mind, your logical self, will fool you. After all, we've all been well trained in western culture to worship logic, and disregard that which is seemingly illogical. Logic is an excellent tool, but it can utterly fail when it comes to the big questions such as the reasons you're here for.
Don't worry if you find you're not here to save the world or all the starving children. Some people's life purpose is just to enjoy life and all it has to offer. That's a pretty great example in itself, and like every other life purpose, a worthwhile and loving reason to exist.
So when you're weighing a decision, if your head tells you one thing, but your emotions - and again, let yourself feel very carefully - tell you another thing, trust your emotions.
It's not so mysterious if you know what to look for.

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