Aptitude Test for Campus Placement - An Overview

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

After completing graduation or post graduation most aspiring candidates scout for job or other professional alternatives to start a professional career. Especially in IT sector, every year thousands of students pass out from various engineering colleges and professionals institutes across the country. In few colleges IT companies make a visit to recruit professionals and in few colleges they don’t.

The colleges where companies don’t recruit can’t do much about it but among few lucky colleges where the campus recruitment takes place don’t benefit students much. The reason behind this is; most IT companies in the country conduct aptitude tests for IT students. That’s where professionals having lack of aptitude ability are not able to crack those aptitude test hence they are not able to break the shell and fulfil their dream of making it to top national and international IT organizations.

Though it is not a child’s play to a crack campus placement test but few tips for aptitude test can really take you miles in cracking this hard nut of aptitude test. Initially, fresh IT graduates need to understand that only having knowledge about technical aspect won’t take them far rather they need overall learning of subject; they need quantitative ability, verbal ability, reasoning and ability to comprehend. Only, the knowledge of these aspects coupled with sound IT skills can take them to heights of success.

Overall personality also plays an important role to get selected in a campus placement programs, few tips for aspiring software engineers is; they should also concentrate more on improving their soft skills like their communication skills, presentation skills, their hold on English language and etc.
Also, there is no dearth of companies in the market who have specialization in preparing fresh IT professionals for aptitude examinations after graduation. These companies have sound infrastructure, sufficient manpower and requisite experience, taking assistance from these companies is in a way a reliable guide to pass aptitude test.

Most of these companies have portals and websites of their own where they conduct periodic online assessment tests for young and fresh IT graduates. These tests check the aspirants for their IT skills and other skills required to pass aptitude test. After taking these tests a candidate can know what the scope for improvement.
For students who want some practical knowledge and other onsite training, there is also scope for that as well. Some reputed IT companies these days after training also provide employment assistance. Thus, these tips for campus placement and other training tips may prove to be really beneficial to the students who desire to join the Indian IT sector.

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