Anti aging program

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

Aging is something none of us want but it comes to us all, however there are things that can do to slow down the aging process quite substantially!

Our diet affects everything! The food and vitamins we take are extremely significant to our bodies to slow down the aging process.

However; did you know that there is another form of an anti-aging approach that is over-looked as an anti-aging method!


A lot of the celebrities use exercise to stay looking young for longer...

We all have tried anti-aging creams, tablets and facials and sometimes even surgery!

However it's as simple as this; Exercise! Exercise will sculpt your body and burn off those extra calories whilst maximizing the vitamins that we take for anti-aging.

Fitness and exercise helps our bodies cope with stress which in turn affects the aging process on our bodies overall!

Exercise is essential to help us to stay young, our bodies our able to handle the foods we eat and to convert them into fuel and nutrients for our bodies if we exercise.

If you are not already taking part in an anti-aging program, then start today... but where do you start?

You start by choosing 3 aspects of your body that you would like to work on, but before you start; consult your doctor to ensure you are safe to do so. Especially, if you are under-going treatments for anything.

Many people join a gym or fitness class, this is a good option if you have the time to commit yourself to a set routine and you can afford the fees!

Although this can be quite daunting for some people so why not begin gently at home with a friend with simple activities such as:

* Walking

* Yoga

* Cycling

* Swimming

* Pilates

* Aerobics

These are all excellent anti-aging exercises!

You can begin gently with these exercises by doing just 10 minutes a day until you feel ready to add a bit more.

Gradually extend the time of your exercises as your body gets used to it. There are many classes in your local area to try, get your friends involved and make it fun!

Another excellent way to exercise is to dance!

Dancing of every sort, it is great for anti-aging; not only are you exercising and sculpting your body to look younger but you will actually feel young and more youthful by doing it!

Did you know that when women reach their mid-thirties we begin to loose about one-third of a pound of muscle every year!

So by exercising and strengthening our muscles; we are delaying our muscle and bone loss, thus resulting in us looking younger for longer!

So whichever exercise program you decide to opt with; stick to it!

You won't get results overnight but if you stick with your anti-aging program you will surely succeed in delaying the aging process.

Give it time and stay inspired; you will love the results!

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