Ancestral Spirituality Versus Modern Day Materialism

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014

As we enter the Age of Aquarius and its new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics man finds himself teetering on the edge of the abyss leading to total destruction.
I don't have to explain this to you. Read a newspaper, watch a TV news program of just walk through a large city at night. If you dare.
What we need is an inner calling. We need those in possession of the ancient wisdom to speak out to convey to the people the spiritual treasures of their ancestors. What ever race or culture get your ancestors to speak out.
It is a very difficult task because we live in the times of materialism. The unconditional belief in a world that is material substance only. It is nothing but a dogma that accepts only that which our five senses can perceive.
The knowledge of our ancestors is rooted In a spiritualistic outlook. It is an intellectual- spiritual science, We are woefully ignorant and egotistical to believe that we are superior to our ancestors.
This spiritual point of view has to be presented to the politically correct ruling materialistic ways of thinking.
This is a very difficult task because many of the modern spiritual, metaphysical and occult experimenters are stuck in a maze of errors.
These errors make it very easy for the materialists to attack them and make fun.
But there have always been good and bad occultists. Good and bad artists and good and bad astrologers.
There are the artists who paint portraits for money and astrologers who cast horoscopes for money.
But there are also great occultists., artists and astrologers. Durer and Kepler painted and interpreted the stars. Pythagoras gave us the laws of Quantum Physics long ago.
Should we believe that because a few sell their spiritual talents for money that people like Goethe, Paracelsus, Plato and hundreds of others were frauds?
It is time for us to give up materialism and develop deeper insight into the wisdom of our spiritual ancestors. If we want to know how to swim in the spiritual waters of the past we must have the courage to go into deep waters.
The Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics has opened wider the books on "secret sciences."
In them will be found the wisdom, we need to lead us away from the precipice.
Wisdom is like money, it can be found anywhere and yet very few find it. Nobody seems interested in bending down and picking up the wisdom-money.
The EDDA one of the great books of the Nordic-Germanic peoples is filled with the kind of wisdom we need today.
There is a story about during the time of the ancestral wise men that a gold ring could lie on the streets for the years and nobody would pick it up
They did not need gold nor money to live.
How wonderful! Should we not find our how they did this in order to be utterly independent from the absolute necessity of money and gold?
Wouldn't it be wonderful to break free from the yokes of the materialists, the money lenders, the golums, the banks and the secret controllers?
The "secret sciences," the "intellectual sciences", the "spiritual sciences" of our wise ancestors can possibly show us how to do it.
Haven't you had enough running after money. Like the donkey with the carrot held in front of him on a long stick, that he never gets to eat.
Look at where the materialistic money game has taken us. The precipice!
Time out! About face! Let us head up the road called "Spiritual Wisdom".
Let each of us seek into the past of our individual ancestral souls and build a better life.
The secret books are open. Let us being reading!
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