An Affordable Alternative to Getting Relationship Help

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Are you struggling in a hurtful relationship and unable make decisions yourself? Is your girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other doing things that you just don't understand? Are you having trouble connecting with your teenager? Would you like to get relationship help and seek out the advice of professionals and see what an outside perspective tells you about your relationship? Unfortunately, many individuals and couples do not have the financial means, available time, or are just too private to talk face to face with someone they aren't familiar so seeking relationship help the traditional way is not an option. Online relationship help sites with credentialed therapist and counselors has become a very attractive and affordable option when you need advice on your relationship.
Online sites where you can ask relationship questions provides an easy way for you to get professional relationship help and advice. These online sites allow you to ask your question in a convenient and private environment. Getting help and direction from your home without taking the day off to drive across town or schedule an appointment weeks away is a great way to begin the process.
But are online relationship help sites really therapy? Yes and no. Of course traditional therapy requires that the therapist takes a look at your whole environment and includes a historical perceptive. But do people always need or benefit from that kind of approach? How about the boyfriend who receives a text from another woman at 3 am? How about developing a strategy to build a long term relationship with someone who has told you to slow down? What do you do if you find another man's phone number in your wife's purse? You need an action plan and guidance today which has nothing to do with your childhood. When you have an urgent situation that requires a fast answer to a question, do you want that answer now or after you discuss what happened to you at 13? Most people would benefit from an answer directed from a specific question.
But this a totally different approach than getting guidance and direction from friends or family who tend to provide a biased answer hardly worth a grain of salt. The key is to make sure that the person answering the question is experienced and educated in providing relationship therapy.Every therapist and counselor must be registered with the state where the license was awarded. You'll want someone that has earned a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), Licensed Social Worker (LSC), or a Licensed Professional Counselor(LPC) as examples of targeted professionals. These licensees are experienced in all accepts of relationship therapy.
Being able to ask relationship questions to a professional right from your home is the goal of online help sites. No more making appointments weeks away or driving across town to meet face to face with someone you may or may not feel comfortable talking to. Logging on and getting professional help has become a credible way to get direction, guidance, or a simple action plan.
Making professional help on these online sites convenient is a major differentiator between the traditional approach and one that seems to resonate with some people. Convenience meaning 24/7 access to professionals, personal answers not static answers from pre-written templates, and relatively fast responses from the professionals.
If you have limited financial means or time constraints, the new therapy normal might just be logging onto your computer and asking the tough questions. One thing is for sure; You now have choices when you need relationship help.
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