Allows Your Life Purpose to Give Others a Life of Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Quitting Smoking - Allows Your Life Purpose to Give Others a Life of Purpose
Smokers who do not want to kick the habit for their own well being may want
to consider the damage second hand smoke can inflict on their children, pets
and other people around them.
Studies show that environmental tobacco smoke (ETS - commonly referred to
as second hand smoke) is recognized as one of the most direct, leading
causes of lung diseases including, but not limited to chronic pneumonia and
emphysema. It has been attributed to being responsible for thousands of
completely preventable illnesses and deaths.
Long term exposure to the toxins contained in cigarettes, whether the person
being subjected to its effect is a smoker or not, has been proven to cause
reduced lung capabilities, increased mucus production and extreme chest
discomfort for people who are exposed to its lethal presence.
In addition, ETS has been associated with varying health risks to children
such as increased ear/throat infections, upper respiratory tract irritations,
bronchitis, pneumonia and other debilitating lung diseases. The extreme
incidence of increasing numbers of children being diagnosed with
pneumonia or pneumonia-like conditions has been inexorably linked as a
contributing risk factor for children who are chronically exposed to second
hand smoke.
The detrimental effects of long term exposure to the toxins found in tobacco
have been associated with reduced lung capacity in children. Smoking
during pregnancy can be life threatening to an unborn fetus with some babies
of smoking parents being born with indications of lung damage.
Long term exposure to ETS has been proven to affect the physiology of the
respiratory tract. Some of the physical effects of over exposure to toxicity are
increased mucus production, increased white blood cell counts and other
serious damage to the auto immune system, like chronic bronchitis, repetitive
incidents of pneumonia or even emphysema.
People who have never had a cigarette touch their lips can still test positive
for smoking-related toxins in their urine. Random testing bore the frightening
statistic that 50 - 75% of non smokers are almost continuously being
subjected to the debilitating effects of second hand smoke exposure.
There is, however, one simple, universal treatment which will reduce the
incidents of damage from second hand smoke. Quit smoking!!! Quitting
entirely will serve to immediately cleanse the surrounding pollutants that may
lurk in your home or car.

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