Adolescent Correction

Dr. Purushothaman
November 29, 2013

Once in the evening, suddenly I got an opportunity to meet one of my old students. By seeing his unstable talk I scared. He was seemed to be totally insecure. May be his last straw is myself who can guide very carefully him for his life as he thought. He told me it's very urgent. Can you sir come out and give me some suggestion. Even, he did not feel it's good to express something to me in front of my wife. I understood. Then I came with a mat and prepared to go with him to upstairs to discuss in a silence. Then he told his whole history of 2 years how he was puzzled within his friends. How friends of today are only frauds to him. They only live as friends because of money and nothing else. They cheat whenever they think. They spoil the life of others unnecessarily by inspiring with negative thoughts.

He was Aman. He did not want to be bad. He tried for IIT, JE. At last he got a seat in a highly reputed engineering college. Settled in the hostel to prepare whole heartedly for the examination. But the negative life of his friends to call him to join in unnecessary works and material things made him so disgusted that he now a days is not staying in hostel but and attending classes from his home.

He was in the mind of frustration. Mind was filled with unnecessary thoughts. He was feeling himself unlucky as he did not qualify in IIT. He sometimes was feeling himself meaningless to read in a local college. He thought, colleges in Mumbai, Delhi, and other big cities gives more IQ and students excel more than this college. He was in a puzzle state.

I understood all these things and stretched a helping hand first. I gave thanks to him to come to me for a suggestion. Even he had not told to his parents also regarding his coming to me as he did not want it's wise.

I consoled him and told to think first as fortunate to study in a college which is among the six colleges of UP. To excel one does not need a big city but a silent mental energy and a qualitative life. From this college also you can top. All inventions and creativity start from a fertile and silent mind only, not from a rich city. I told, you are a very good child that you understood the scenario of negative friendship. I suggested the three things to do. To do Pranayam every morning, not to allow any negative thoughts to mind and to write diary every night before sleeping. I told to meet me again after three days.

After three days Aman again came to me. He was somehow happy and relieved out of some tensions. I saw his happy face. We talked a lot in my drawing room. Mean while I discovered him as a poet. He told, he had the habit of reading books. And he had already written five poems. I got an opportunity to thank him that he is very creative to craft his life with a poetic tune. Then I spoke about some great poets who beyond their profession wrote books and become famous. I appreciated him to have that God given quality. Very few people are the part of those qualities. And among them you are one. God has chosen you to utilize in his service. Then he felt himself something worthy. He promised to write more and more poems in times to come.

Thus, Aman's life now got something worthiness by coming to me. I am grateful to God to save the life of a child who was facing the adolescence problems. A teacher has to spend a very broad life by stretching the helping hand to all children. A teacher has to declare himself as friend to children. Children get faith by these words. Aman came to me after three years of detachment to me. Why? Because, in the class also he had got some living touch which was beyond the books – some living tips. Every teacher has to go beyond the study materials. Teacher has to be a guide to this society. A true teacher is he who inspires children about building life going beyond the course of the syllabus.

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