Dr. Purushothaman
September 4, 2013

There is little question concerning the multiple pressures facing adolescents today. On almost every front adolescents are being challenged to meet the various demands of development, as well as ever present psychological changes which occur on a daily basis. For any adolescent to successfully negotiate through the often complicated stages of maturation, both parent and adolescent must have a support system capable of withstanding the often complicated aspect of growing up.

Unfortunately, because of the prevalence of divorce and the decline of the family, parents and adolescents often do not have the support systems they need in order to appropriately manage developmental and environmental pressures. Subsequently, many unhealthy and potentially debilitating behaviours may develop resulting in psychological problems and possible future impairments in social, scholastic and occupational functioning.

What Are Some Issues My Child May Be Dealing With?

Some of the problems that adolescents may face today may include any or all of the following:

Parental pressures

Divorce/Separation issues




Impulse control problems

Sibling rivalries

Drug and Alcohol abuse

Peer pressure

Gang involvement

Sexual problems

Academic problems

Identity issues

Body disturbance issues

Excessive worry

Suicidal thinking

Oppositionalism and defiance

Eating Disturbances

What About My Feelings?

As we know, the raising of an adolescent can often be an extremely difficult and trying process. Consequently, parents, as well as their adolescents often need support and an environment that not only fosters independence and maturation, but also allows for the expression of feelings and the learning of coping strategies.

Some of the problems that a parent may encounter over the course of their child or adolescent's development may include:



Excessive worry

Post-partum depression

Changes in lifestyle

Loss of independence

Financial problems

Substance abuse

Occupational problems

Physical illness


Whether your child is having difficulty going through adolescents or you are experiencing the above-mentioned problems as a result of your child's development, you and your family may benefit from our individualized and family treatment approaches.

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