Active Retirement

Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

When it comes to living a good life after you've worked hard for many years, many assume that you just go on living, just without having to go to a job. While that might be a good goal, that can grow boring after some time, and new thrills will be sought after. If you're 50 years old or above, and you're looking to be someone that is in active retirement instead of dormant, than you'll have to consider a few things. For instance, are you willing to live in a way that many others aren't? If you said yes, then you will want to explore the greatness that can be attained by enjoying resort quality living, for rent, without the nuisances of many highly trafficked locales. Consider the following 3 ideas to make your golden years fare better.

Active Retirement Community – When you think of a home for those that are older than 50, you probably don't think beautiful beaches, pristine waters, and warm weather, do you? Most often people think about the doldrums that hit after years of sitting around with nothing more to do than watch daytime television, go for a walk, and just try to get on with life. There is a way to be active, explore the world, and do it all without spending too much, and that's found through a resort that caters to those that are older. Not only that, this type of option is not for everyone, it's only for those of a certain age, which means that you'll be able to enjoy life without distraction.

Vacation or Longer – The best thing about going to a resort of this magnitude is that you can choose to stay for a holiday in the sun, or you can choose to rent for an extended period of time. If you want to be in the sun, enjoying the waves, or exploring the nearby reaches of nature, you'll want to stay longer. However, if you want to simply get away from it all from time to time, that's available to you as well. Both options are deeply discounted so that most income levels can afford it.

Life with a Purpose – The best thing about living in an active retirement state of mind, is that you have purpose. You're not just another member of a community in some dorm sized apartment set aside for those that are tired and close to the end. You are more than that, you are a surfer, a swimmer, a diver, an explorer, or just about anything you want to be, as long as it's active and with a purpose. You'll find that this is not a mere vacation but an example of a life worth living.

The above 3 ideas to make life better transcend traditional ideas. They create a whole new way of thinking about retirement, especially if you find yourself wanting to be near the ocean, away from the touristy things, and living a life not easily duplicated.

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