Active Life Reviews

Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

Active Life is a division of Bio International, Inc. It was established more than 5 years ago specifically to manufacture and formulate in-house products of high quality, integrity and purity through a facility licensed and registered with the FDA. The products are nutritional, homeopathic and skin care supplements that are life-changing and cutting-edge.

The company sells its products through the affiliates it trains and provides with effective marketing support tools and strategies. During training sessions, physicians, and naturopathic and homeopathic practitioners are on hand to address health and product questions and concerns. The marketing plan focuses on helping distributors with small networks of 2 to 3 sub-distributors to earn quickly. Simply put, a distributor can pay for his products by recruiting 3 downlines; beyond that is gravy.

To succeed in this business, there must be a thorough understanding on how the system works, how income is generated, and how your network must be managed. Potentially, an Active Life network marketer can earn up to 87% of downline commissions upon qualification by purchasing products worth $135.

Although you can earn even with a small network with this company, a bigger active network can bring a lot more income from bonuses and commissions. Various payouts are made based on the performance of members on your network. Your income will increase exponentially if your recruits and their respective recruits all actively promote and sell the products.

To illustrate: A level 1 distributor gets 15% on products purchased from the company. They earn 45% of commissions earned by their direct recruits (level 2), and up to 12% on purchases by recruits in level 3 onwards. Bonuses are also given depending on the number of personally-sponsored members a level 1 distributor makes.

A member with three personally-sponsored recruits is designated as 1 star and given a 3% bonus on level 3 to infinity, 6% for 2 star (6 members), 9% for 3 star (9 members), and 12% for 4 star (12 members). In addition, a Generation Leadership Bonus that gives 3% down the line is paid for four generations of 4 star members. The biggest earners are those who belong to the Presidential club. To be in the club, a member must have a network consisting of 4 star members who qualify with a minimum of 5 products per month on the Active Life auto-monthly program. Members who qualify every quarter will be awarded the Presidential Club Bonus on the subsequent month.

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