Active Healing

Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

Just about everyone suffers from at least one or two health problems. Stress is perhaps one of the most common everyday annoyances known to man and it affects everyone in one way or another. It can lead to high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, bodily aches and pains, migraine headaches, tension headaches, overeating, etc. Active Healing Better Health by Dr. Arnd Stein focuses on using a new "psychotechnology" that focuses on health and healing so that those common problems that most everyone deals with are no longer prominent in one's life.


When you were younger, you probably had no idea what anxiety was. Perhaps you noticed that almost everyone around you was popping some sort of pill or always going to the doctor for this thing called "anxiety", and if so, you were likely puzzled. Most everyone suffers from some form of anxiety, whether it's acute or severe. There is also mild anxiety. Certain types of anxiety can lead to panic attacks and also a disease known as "generalized anxiety disorder". These problems affect thousands of new people everyday and can only be dealt with in the form of therapy, medication, and/or self-help. Utilizing the techniques provided in Active Healing Better Health by Dr. Arnd Stein will help you to take control of your anxiety and put an end to the stresses that plague you on a daily basis.

Learning to Relax and Succeed

This program will teach you how to relax and succeed. The way that the information is presented focuses on helping you to calm your mind and focus on one thing at a time instead of taking everything in at once. Attempting to absorb too much information at one time can lead to sensory overload, causing even more anxiety and frustration.

Achieving Your Desired Weight

Are you having problems with your weight? Active Healing Better Health by Dr. Arnd Stein helps you to lose weight by teaching you how to change your lifestyle and revolve your life around what it is that you are seeking. It's about what you want, not what everyone else wants. Chances are that you've experienced several failed attempts when it comes to managing your weight and have become fed up with trying. Fortunately, there are easier ways to achieve weight loss than you might assume.


Life tends to leave people feeling down and out. If you're feeling down and out, it's easy to become depressed. If you're depressed, it's easy for you to develop other problems such as overeating, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, etc. Any source of negativity when it comes to your health can and will spill over into other parts of your life. Doing something about it now is the only way to prevent the problem from escalating even further.

Active Healing Better Health by Dr. Arnd Stein is meant for everyone who has a problem in their life that they want to deal with right now. This program is not just any ordinary healing session. The way it works is by presenting information in a modern, life-changing, proven way that works. The techniques provided are designed to work on you beginning at your innermost subconscious level, leading to the change in your life that you deserve.

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