Activating Our Inner Potential

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Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

Why do we want to ignite our potentials?-Inner potentials are set to ignite only if we feel that our present life or situation is not successful or when we feel that we have not achieved anything remarkable in our lives. The thought that we are more than what we are,makes us think of ways to activate or ignite our potentials.

We all know man is a being having more possibilities. Human race has come up from the mere usage of stones to the present world of technology.  The path was of course difficult. Still humans managed to cross every stumbling block with the help of his brain and self confidence. Self confidence is one thing that has helped Man to achieve many things in life. Self confidence and capability to think and work hard has made it possible for him to even invent many things that have made life easy.
Holding back does not help…

Most of us are held back from being creative in life. Many people carry in themselves the fears and bad experiences in their life, which have prevented them from entering into new goals in their life. Fear, Anxiety, Negative habits, Painful memories, Negative beliefs, Low-self esteem are all stumbling stones that prevent us from reaching our goals and exploiting the potentials in us.
Realize the fact that humans have a wonderful gift of healing past wounds and forgetting bad memories. All you have to do is move forward in spite of all the sufferings and bad experiences. It is only then possible to understand our inner potentials. Understanding the inner potentials thus help us to move towards “Pastures New”.

A step to the next level…

Every person has this urge to grow or develop to a new level. We all dream of pulling ourselves from our present situation and planting ourselves to a better position. This is only natural. The thought of growing more is the only energy we get to hope and live with enthusiasm.
Before we activate our potentials, we have to-

First list out our major goals in life. Arrange them according to priority.

Now since we have clarified our goals program or prepare our mind in aiming at reaching out to them.

Make plans for the action…that is make ourselves prepare for the goals which we have planned. If we simply make plans and hesitate to do necessary steps, then we are simply wasting our time. If we plan anything, prepare to act on it.

There are many obstacles in life which keep us off from moving forward. Most people are not self-confident. They are not aware of how much inner potentials they are having. Some are afraid to face stranded situations in life. Stay calm and cool to troubled situations. This will help us to untangle any tricky situation. Fear of doing something new, fear to face others, fear of facing anything bad are all the factors that keep them off from creativity.

Obstacles in life have to be swept away. Try putting into your mind positive thoughts and inspirational ideas. You can even listen to positive speeches by orators or consult someone who is already successful in life. Be aware of the fact that this is a competitive world and if we stay off, we are left out.

Indulge yourself in putting efforts on your new goals. Reprogram your mind for the goals set.

Now that your main aim in life is to achieve your new goal, you have to continue working for it and always be prepared to do the necessary steps or actions to reach your dream or goal. Never get tired or irritated. Just move on and motivate yourself if you just do not feel like doing anything. The bottom line is “Have patience”

While working for your dreams, understand the fact that the end result will be obtained only slowly. We cannot achieve anything with the press of a switch. It takes time and energy and it is easy for us to get worn out. Patience is all you have to have when you feel like leaving everything and going back.

New goals help us in finding new potentials in us and new potentials help us to rediscover our “self” once again and help us to achieve new paths and heights.

After discovering our new potentials, we are able to move in self confidence and achieve in life our major goals and dreams. The achievement of our goals can make us Respect our self, Gain more recognition from others, be more assertive, gain financial security, have more inner peace, gain mental and moral satisfaction, gain self satisfaction and ultimately gain a happiness which is not short termed.
Preparing yourself for your dreams…
In order to activate your potentials, one has always to be open minded.

Studying new things in life can help in activating your potentials. Join new courses and learn new things in life.

Be disciplined. If you want something, then be prepared to work for it. Arrange your lifestyle accordingly. Wake up early, find more time to work on your goals, find more time to learn new things. Never waste your precious time on social networking or television viewing.

Read more. Read not fictions to gain more knowledge. Newspaper reading has to be a habit.

Never waste your time being lazy.

Avoid unnecessary snacking. Follow healthy food habits.

Follow healthy habits.

Clean your surroundings. Clogged atmosphere can clog your thoughts. Make it a point to clean your table, working space and bedroom.

Remove all negativity and energize yourself for your goals.

Leisure time should be used for creative purposes.

Find time to travel. Travel is a best way of gaining knowledge personally. So go for it.

Let go the crooked thoughts and be honest to yourself and to attain more heights in life.

Mistakes are only committed by humans. So admit your mistakes and correct yourself. Correcting mistakes and admitting one’s faults are the qualities of a successful person.

Make it a point to do daily exercise so that you are fit and strong. A person with a fit and strong body actually has a fit and strong mind.
Rediscover and ignite your potentials and move forward to gain your goals or dreams and let success surround you to a new life and new heights.


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