Achieving Mind Superiority With Deep Brain Stimulation

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

Deep brain stimulation has been proved to work by research. It can help people to recover from a conditioned mind and subconscious where they have negative emotional imprints about past events. Deep brain stimulation can be achieved through a program that will allow you to access the deep most of your subconscious, and through this you will wipe out the negative imprints from your subconscious. It has also been proved that human utilize only ten percent of the subconscious, and the rest is not used.

Healing or spiritual reincarnation is about reconnecting to yourself, and this has to do with the emotions engraved right on your subconscious about yourself or other people. Although there are some programs that recondition the mind through reprogramming, they are not as effective as deep meditation, because they do not allow you to access the deep most level of your subconscious. Deep meditation is the real solution because you control your mind through Deep brain stimulation.

This can be done through monitored program and the use of music or tones that have been produced at a certain given frequencies. It has been known, through studies, that the brain is capable of achieving certain levels of frequencies for the brainwaves. Brainwaves are those electrochemical waves generated by the mind to help the cells connect and communicate. Study of the different levels gives support for Deep brain stimulation to help recover from former emotional imprints that produce pain, suffering, feeling of hatred to self, and depression.

With a good profession, you can get assistance regarding how you can gain former or previous conditions, which involve elimination of the very deeply engraved emotions and these cannot be eliminated without accessing the deepest level of subconscious. It is important to have the knowledge at hand how mental subconscious can be healed from previous damages. The process of using technology to achieve different levels of frequencies as well as retaining them to achieve desired results is known as brainwave entrainment, where through a number of tested mechanisms, the mind can be synchronized with certain music or sound at a certain frequencies so as to achieve desired results such as relaxation.

This method can be perceived to be true with the consideration of the fact that music has been utilized for long for relaxation. In addition, you can get very good ideas while in a relaxed state. There are programs that involve usage of track packages from professionals that allow you to completely eliminate the negative emotions about yourself and recover the self, rather than have to reprogram your mind and introduce more complications.

The knowledge on how you can increase the activity of your brain is important. For instance, it is necessary to have a meaningful and creative mental activity at the awakening cycle, where your brainwaves experience a period of increasing from delta, to theta, alpha and to beta when the alarm goes off. The frequency may drop to a non-aroused state or theta or fall into delta the sleeping state. This active state of about fifteen or so can be utilized for important activities such as having to meditate on the yesterday's events or contemplating about activities of the day.
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