Accepting your children

Dr. Purushothaman
August 22, 2013

Accepting children is a necessary in all manners. Every children needs acceptance and it will encourage them in all manners. Emotional abandonment means one tends to run from fulfilling emotional desires rather than grip the actual fact that they have self-love and self-acceptance. This is the key to living a life full of Love. To accept and allow is to invoke the natural power of Divine Love within you. True acceptance involves eliminating judgment while you allow things to be as they are. Crucially, this begins with yourself.

Accepting and allowing yourself–with all your physical, emotional, and psychological idiosyncrasies–invigorates this Love that is imbued within you; enabling you to accept and allow others and situations to be as they are.

Accepting without judgment does not prevent you from taking action to alleviate your own or another life form’s suffering.

Be Compassionate.
Compassion is the ultimate gift you can give. Love and compassion are integrated emotions, as genuinely accepting and allowing yourself and others incorporates compassion.

Being compassionate exercises a basic kindness and desire within you to relieve suffering when you become aware of it. The extent to which we experience suffering, either individually or en masse, is reliant upon the frequency of compassion we exhibit personally and collectively. By being open to receiving as well as providing compassion, you encourage growth for all concerned. We are vessels for the carrier wave of compassion and we set its frequency.

Be Grateful and Appreciative.
Gratitude is the attractor of abundance in all its forms. Just as we create “suffering” to remind us of our shortcomings, we also create acts of appreciation of ourselves–the “gifts” of positive experiences.

Receiving another’s gift of compassion when we are struggling is actually a self-affirming act.

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