Acceptance and Resisting

Dr. Purushothaman
August 22, 2013

What is the best outlook to have on life? If we are to have one perspective, what should it be and where should it come from? We can look at life in so many ways. We can see it as a struggle, as something to be fought against, as a hardship. At times, do we not see life from this vantage point, as an obstacle to overcome? We may also see life as a ladder we have to climb, always striving to reach a goal or accomplishment, but never reaching the point when we can stop. Or we may come from another stand-point, that of waiting, never really committing to life. How we see life can get in the way of our ability to enjoy every day as it comes. We need to stop seeing and dealing with our life as if it only belongs in the future. The best perspective to have on life is seeing it as it is now and accepting it, and nothing more. If we are continually looking ahead, now is never good enough or okay.
We have to be okay with now in order to find peace or tranquility. Always looking for more, fighting with what is, or waiting around gets us nowhere. For anytime we cast ourselves into our future, we are not present, nor are we able to be content with where we are now. Perspective is our thoughts controlling our lives. Eliminating any perspective in the effort to be present with where we are needs to happen. How much of our life is spent gazing into our future is a serious problem, whether it is with a feeling of stress, worry, or excitement; it is all the same.

Any time we go into our future, we are distracting ourselves from now and eliminating acceptance for where we are. Do you know someone who is always striving, never relaxing? Why do you think they do this? Is it because they enjoy it, they are having fun, or is it because they cannot, even for a moment, accept where they are? Do yo know someone who always seems upset and is constantly struggling in their lives? They are looking for an obstacle, so they can justify their unhappiness in the moment; they do not accept where they are. Do you know someone who seems to hold back, never fully committing to their life? They are afraid of accepting the moment for what it is. They believe that at some point in life, everything will change to fit how they think it should be, and then they can be happy. This is fear controlling their happiness.

What we need to do is think that this moment is okay, I accept it for what it is. I don't need to change anything, I especially do not need to think about the future or what it will be. When we accept everything for what it is, we eliminate the need to jump into our future. For when we do not accept we try to avoid the moment we are in. Any perception we have comes from our not accepting reality. If we are content with now there is no need to see ourselves or our future any differently than what it is. Contentment, happiness, and peace all start by letting go and accepting everything as it is, without judgment. Accept it completely, and all the stress, worry, fear, and anger dissolves. Because when we see live from this angle, the angle that is real, we let go of our hindrances that are associated with what we think life is. This ability becomes stronger the more you practice it, until life is always good as it is, with no worries, no anxious emotions, no inabilities to find contentment in where you are.

Try accepting now, with no exceptions, no thoughts on what should or could be different. Accept completely. That is the only way, only see it for what it is. With acceptance comes peace of mind, relaxation, and an ease with life, for no more do you need to struggle to justify why you don't feel okay. For no more do you need to work so hard because now is okay as it is. No more do you need to hope for something better, always waiting, because now is all it needs to be. Let your perspective shift away from your old view on life. See it with acceptance. Let life be as it really is, without trying to change it. Accept it and your peace of mind will follow.

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