Acceptance and lifestyle

Dr. Purushothaman
August 22, 2013

To succeed in life you must accept two seemingly paradoxical conditions. First, the master plan is beyond your knowing. And second, you are totally responsible for what you experience. Through this state of affairs you are free to lose yourself or find yourself - this is the adventure - the choice is yours.
Not knowing, but being totally responsible is a difficult proposition at best. You can't understand the plan — the workings, purpose and destiny of your reality— yet you are totally and completely accountable for your experience of it. You are tossed and buffeted by the waves, the winds, and the passions of this existence while you have limited means to control circumstances. Yet, in truth, the circumstances — the waves, winds, and emotions — are only transient elements of a lifelong voyage. Your course is one you can control by accepting total responsibility for all that is and all that happens.

To go from skepticism, fear, and self-righteousness to truth requires conditioning. You must step back from the emotion of the moment and realize circumstances are what they are and that is all. Every moment, every action, every interaction is an opportunity to see from a new perspective. Every instant, every happening is a chance to empower spirit. You can't always choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you react. Accept what is, observe it, experience it, then release that frame of existence. Learn, grow and move on.

Accept that all is right with the world — it's okay. Rain, wind, snow; rich, poor; educated, uneducated, it's okay. The circumstances of life are neither "someone's" nor "the system's" fault. There is no victim. There is no one to blame. This lesson is offered until you accept the wisdom of its truth. You are part of a greater whole, yet you are the master of your destiny. Your task it to make the greater whole complete.

Your choice in life, with big things or small, is always to accept or resist. You may choose a state of harmony and peace or one of conflict and war. Ultimately, the end is never in doubt. You are on a journey from here - where you are now - to there - where you are meant to be. You choose the amount of pain you suffer or joy you experience along the way. Any struggle is only and forever in your mind.

Though you will never know the details with certainty, accept the wisdom of the master plan - all is right with the world. What is, is.

You always have two choices: to accept or to resist. Those who refuse to accept face off against life. Instead of resisting, humbly rejoice in every encounter as awakening your responsibility to choose. For you succeed in life when you accept and embrace the truth: Only you are responsible for the quality of your life.

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