Acceptance and Gratitude

Dr. Purushothaman
August 22, 2013

Acceptance is about letting go and releasing any and all battles with the truth of the moment. Acceptance is forgiveness, it is being who you really are, and it is letting everything else be just as it is. When we release the unending battle with the truth of reality, we open ourselves up to be who we really are in the moment that we are in. By accepting everything we see and allowing it to be, we are then free of struggle in our lives.
To accept ourselves for who we are is to become exactly as we are; to be free of any judgment, past or future, allows you to be present and in the now of where you are. To accept all that has come before is to first forgive and then to let go. To be open to the future without fear is to accept that whatever comes is as it should be and there is nothing to fight against. When we accept life purely for what it is, we become not only our true selves, but we allow the openness of life to flow through us.

You may be surprised at how much time we spend trying to control things and then fighting what we don't need or want to happen. By letting go and going further down the road to acceptance, we begin to see the truth of reality for what it is and nothing more.Nothing can be more important in life than this, for it opens up a well of possibilities in life. It allows you to fully be yourself. It allows what is real to be seen without overclouding the issues with thoughts, patterns, or agendas. It opens up the future to be purely what it is. And by acceptance you can let go of the past, what may be holding you back, and what you no longer need.

By being truthful with what is real you find out what life is really about. It is not a battle or a fight; in fact, there is nothing in life that can be compared to this. We create our own strife by not accepting everything for what it is. It is a full circle, a complete path that evolves not only who we are, but what we become. By giving acceptance to life you open up the world. You release everything that is old and become new. Acceptance is not only a path to happiness, enlightenment, and peace, but it is the one true path to serene enjoyment that is life.

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