A Quick Guide To Meditation - -For Meditation Beginners

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


Patanjali Yoga Sadhna is the basis of meditation. It includes 55 Sutra in Sanskrit. It contains treasures of science of thought and wisdom of the human spirit. Meditation and Yoga is explained that the depreciation of the movements of thought to the conscious mind. When thoughts to the conscious mind is silent, the mediator becomes aware that the true consciousness. It was announced that when the thought in mind are in bulk, self-conscious, which is true to oneself can not be achieved.
The Quick Guide to Meditation Sutra 1-25 is given below:
A burning desire to worship of all impurities, self-study and meditation and surrender of devotion to me inside - these constitute the discipline of Meditation and Yoga of action./1/. The discipline of yoga focuses on the meaning and feeling of meditation leading to deep meditation which is the unity with itself. / 2 /. The lack of spiritual wisdom, selfishness, love, hatred and lust for life are the five - which causes pain or distress to the mind of man. / 3 /.
A quick guide to meditation - - lack of spiritual wisdom.
The lack of spiritual wisdom is the breeding ground for all sources of pain and mental distress, weakness or drowsiness or hidden or spread actively. / 4 /. The lack of spiritual wisdom is to see death as temporary or eternal, the impure as pure, sadness or distress as a donor fun and selfishness as self-consciousness. / 5 /. Selfishness is the ability of forces visible and able to see the same manner as the summary of the vision of self-consciousness. / 6 /. Sensations of pleasure are replaced by affection and emotional attachment. / 7 /. Aversion, hatred or aversion is followed by pain, discomfort, pain, anxiety or pain. / 8 /.
A quick guide to meditation - - Attachment.
Attachment to life or the fear of death is the most subtle tenderness that flows in it for centuries and are similar to the wise and foolish. / 9 /. The pain, discomfort or pain is released or handed over voluntarily reduced to a subtle form. / 10 /. These thoughts and the movement of pain discomfort or pain is rejected and silenced by meditation. / 11 /. The roots of the thought of distress or discomfort, pain at rest, but is not visible from the past life is revealed and seen the birth of a new life and are experienced. / 12 /. The existence of these roots of the idea of uneasiness, anxiety and pain leads to their inevitable fulfillment of life expectancy in different species and in various experiments. / 13 /. Because of these virtuous actions and thoughts, the fruits of life are experienced as pleasure or pain, respectively. / 14 /. Pleasure and pain are the experiences of the transformation of thought impressions to the conscious mind. / 15 /. The pain, sadness and distress are not yet come is avoidable and should be avoided. / 16 /.
A quick guide to meditation - - awareness.
The union between consciousness and view is the cause of pain and should be exorcised. / 17 /. Subtle nature that we see and actions is the visible world of nature. More subtle are the nature of the mind and the subtle elements of matter, sensory perception and the organs of action. Subtle nature exists to serve consciousness, consciousness of self for the pleasure of the experience or exit. / 18 /.
A quick guide to meditation - - four states of the true nature...
Changes in the characteristics and qualities of the true nature of generating the four states of nature are the true essence, more subtle in nature, elements and material elements of subtle issue. / 19 /. The three characteristics of cosmic Nature in four states are cosmic force, the true essence, the subtle nature of the five elements and five subtle elements of raw gas. / 19 /.
A quick guide to meditation - - consciousness.
Light is the pure consciousness of soul and vision of pure insight, he witnessed all states of nature without being dependent on him. / 20 /. The objective nature of the case is objective, states of consciousness of the soul. / 21 /. The awareness of the subtle nature of the beast had ceased to exist since the consciousness of the soul is purified concerned, it does not cease to exist as it continues to let other people live of the universe. /22 /. The objective of the combination of the subtle nature of the soul is the self-conscious awareness of living a glimpse of his true nature and vision forms of state self-enlightenment. / 23 /. The lack of spiritual wisdom and delusion are the main causes of lack of spiritual wisdom of the spiritual truth or the internal unity of the essence of God. / 24 /.
At the end of a lack of spiritual wisdom that follows the termination of the relationship led to the isolation and rejection of consciousness. / 25 /. Undaunted and unwavering discriminative wisdom is the way to avoid enslavement by the state. / 26 /
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