A Pleasant Relation Between Spirituality and Psychology

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


A Pleasant Relation between Spirituality and Psychology
Shiva, an icon and example of a being who stands on the zenith of spirituality is someone who merged the concepts of spirituality to his psych. The relation between spirituality and psychology might be a little difficult to understand but once you are clear with the basic concepts, you would see an obvious and a direct relation between the two.
A perfect melange of spiritual and psychological aspects of leading life would not just help you to stay in a peaceful state of mind but will also help you be more successful at your work. Here is a look at how the two are related -
The five elements make up a human being spiritually and psychologically. The human mind, the thoughts in it, the feelings, the emotions and the spirit are all related to these five elements. Innovation, creativity and ideas stem out from these five elements and the overall cosmic energy in the nature.
Earth and the Body: The first of five elements, Earth is related to the human body. You are made up of  Earth. As a soul with a body, this element shapes up your physical energy and power of the muscles. Physical fitness and mental fitness are closely related and the healing power of yoga and meditation takes into consideration this relation between the physical and the emotional being of a human being to make him feel better in an overall sense.
Fire and the Will Power: Said to be the essence of the spirit, Fire is what keeps the motivation going in a human being. It is this element that provides encouragement and picks you up when you are down. Fire gives you hope and do not let you give up on your dreams.
Water and Creativity: The prime element of all human emotions, water is simply a symbolism for a human life flowing through space and time in the third dimension. While you may not realize it, you exist in the 12 different dimensions (as per the Superstring theory). Water is the element for the various emotions that humans face, both motivational and temperamental or intuitive. Water in its originality represents the dance of a human life through time and space. The creativity in you is closely related to this element.
Air and Consciousness: The human mind comes across a number of thoughts on a daily basis and air is a symbolism for these free thoughts that the human mind confronts with. Thoughts are like the free flowing air aiding the mind to settle upon one and think it over for fruitful gains (not necessary monetary). Air aids rational and logical thinking and expressing these thoughts - which gives us the consciousness with which we live.
Akasha and Freedom: The saying Sky is the limit  has more of a spiritual meaning to it. The fifth element, Akasha or the sky is related to the shapelessness of the universe. The sky gives the mind the freedom to wallow and fly in the realm of creativity and innovation. This element beckons the human soul and mind to go on a ride in the adventurous space that the universe is, often to find the key reality of pure love.
Being spiritually close to nature would mean being close to these five elements, which would in itself help you grow psychologically and be ethically and morally correct. Taking the right decisions is a result of a clear conscience and therefore spiritually and psychologically developed person is truly happy.
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