A New Baby Brings Happiness in the Family

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Giving birth to a child is the biggest gift for a woman. The news of a new member in the family brings joy and happiness in the family. Special care and attention should be paid to a pregnant woman. She would give birth to new member of the family. The voice of a new one in the family brings joy and happiness in the family. Everyone waits eagerly for the new one. Thus a pregnant woman should take great care of herself. The husband should pamper her wife a lot and keep her really happy. A pregnant lady should keep a regular check of certain things like the weight of the body, the blood pressure and the other changes that one observes in the body. The pregnant lady should be very particular regarding the health and take a proper diet.
Tips for a pregnant lady:
a) A pregnant lady should be informed well about all the changes that would occur inside the body. A pregnant lady must read books & articles. Watch the changes in your body practically by watching the pregnancy videos. One should discuss pregnancy with the ladies who are experienced in this stream. Talk to family and friends and discuss your experience. Join the pregnancy childbirth class.
b) One should decide whether to deliver the baby in a hospital or may be birthing center or deliver the baby at home. This issue must be discussed with the doctor and then take a decision.
c) A pregnant lady should take proper care of the diet. There should be a proper diet that should be followed properly because if one wants no complications in the pregnancy so go for a proper diet. Have milk, fruits and vegetables. Prefer a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water and fresh juices.
d) The consumption of alcohol and smoking should be completely quitted as this is not good for the health of the child.
e) One should not sit in bed completely. One should be very active during pregnancy. Go for yoga and even walks.
f) One should not stop doing the local household chores. But lesser amount of work should be done than the usual routine. Little breaks and rests should be taken.
g) One must build a bond with the child. Sit and talk with your baby and thus develop the feeling of belongingness.
h) One should try and be stress free always. Stress can complicate the situations to a great extent. Try and avoid any tensions. Do deep breathing exercises and yoga regularly.
i) Enroll for the Lamaze classes so as to get answer to all the questions one has in the mind. One should be well informed of all the changes that take place inside the body. One should sleep in the correct position and do all correct activities. Do not lift heavy weights.
j) Make the most of this time. Enjoy every phase of your child's growth.
Thus follow the above mentioned tips and give joy and happiness to your family in the form of a young baby.

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