A Guide To Spiritual Healing

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


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What is Spiritual Healing?
In practical terms, it is a term given to various types of alternative practices related to restoring wholeness of body, mind and spirit by calling on forces or energies beyond the human condition.
Spiritual healing is a hands off method of healing which means the healer does not even have to actually come into physical contact with the person who is wanting healing. As the healing energy is channeled or moved from its source through the healer and into the person to be healed there is a healing effect for both.
For more and more people spiritual healing is a way of life that can even be found in the halls of some traditional medical practices.
It brings into harmony all parts of the etheric body which includes the mind, body & soul. Spiritual Healing is based on the understanding that life in its most basic, simplest form is energy. This energy, as well as the practice of spiritual healing, has been used by many different civilizations throughout the ages, and most notably, regardless of geographic location.
Who can be a Spiritual Healer?
Anyone can be a spiritual healer. You don't have to be born into it. You don't need special powers. In fact, it is the birthright of every human being in the universe to heal and be healed. The energy is already in each of us and surrounds each of us in everything we see, touch and smell. You could not get away from it even if you wanted to.
The problem is that most of us simply aren't aware of these facts.
To begin practicing Spiritual Healing you will need to learn to act as a conduit for this healing energy.
Benefits of Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Healing will benefit anyone. In fact it will benefit any living being including adults, babies, young children and Yes, even animals. The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels of your self and is not only a means to heal physical illness although this is one benefit. However in addition and almost as a side effect the healer as well as the patient both receive a profound feeling of ease and peace of mind.
In this fast paced busy world we live in today people suffer from a unprecedented array of illnesses and disease. Traditional medicine aims to remedy this for the most part only on a physical level. In some regards that's a bandage. It attempts to address the problem only on the surface. Unfortunately most illnesses do not have their origin on the surface. Spiritual healing works on much deeper levels of a person's being than this. Through the healer the energies are channeled to the origin of the problem so that symptoms seem to just disappear.
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