7 Habits of Highly Dysfunctional People and Manifestation

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Most people come from dysfunctional families. We've read the news and have seen all the people who come up with sob stories. I suppose that they want us to throw up the confetti, cut the cake and engage in one big pity party. I don't buy it for a second. We are all dysfunctional in one way, shape, or form. After all, we are human. We can't blame our parents or the bully that took our lunch money. The only thing that we can do is identify our issues and come up with viable solutions on how to fix them.
Habit number One
You complain and criticize from the sidelines. Okay, I get it. You are a major football fan. You are going to paint your bare belly and flabby arms and cheer on your favorite team in below freezing weather. But there is one thing that you need to understand. You cannot criticize anyone if you're sitting on the sidelines.
Habit Number Two
You don’t want to get into the game. There is no strategy without experience or execution. You need to step into the ring to understand how badly those punches hurt. You need to experience how fast that baseball is flying. You need to know that it hurts like hell to be tackled and pummeled to the ground.
Habit Number Three
You don't know how to think on your feet. When a 300-pound man is punching you in a face, everything changes. Your vision will become clouded and your planning and strategy will be overtaken by pain. You go into reaction mode. However, you can't plan your reaction. You can only condition your behaviors. Some of the best generals in the world know how to utilize this tactic.
Habit Number Four
You quit before the real work actually begins. I know that you've seen the movie “The Secret” and they talk about the magic genie that pops up and tells you that your wish is my command. Is it a fairytale? Yes and no. The one thing that I've learned about the law of attraction is that I cannot attract anything into my life, when there are lessons that need to be learned. I usually need to shift my vibrations so then I am in harmony with thing/things I wish to manifest.
Habit Number Five
You are looking for instant gratification. Despite popular belief, the law of attraction is not about instant gratification. You can't reap the harvest and plant the seeds at the same time. You have to give the seeds time to grow. You need to plant them in your mind, and then nurture them with positive and loving intentions. Don’t forget, you need to take action and understand that each step will bring you closer to your goals.
Habit Number Six
You take failure as a final answer. You fail the first time and tell yourself, oh well, at least I tried. Well, let me explain something to you. You will fail in life. Okay, you are going to fail a lot. Partly because the bigger the goal, the higher the learning curve. George Lucas almost had a heart attack when making Star Wars. He says that everything went wrong. His staff threatened to quit, he ran out of funding, and he almost died while making one of the best movies of our time.
Habit Number Seven
You use escapism. Can you deal with failure? Can you deal with not having instant gratification? Do you suffer from delusion of grandeur where you believe that you are as holy as Jesus Christ. Do you have an ego that is as big as Kim Kardashian's ass. Are you a wannabe rock star that is more arrogant than Kanye West? Well guess what? It takes a hell of a lot of money, talent, and luck to be an asshole. These people are assholes because they are effective. They get things done. You're an asshole because you feel entitled to have things that you didn't earn. And that is what makes you highly dysfunctional.

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