6 Tips on How to Find True Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


What is Happiness? Happiness is a choice; it is ones soul responsibility to acquire a means of happiness. The path to happiness begins with choices. The choices we chose and the decisions we make plays a major part in ones goal for happiness. It happens all the time; people marry just for the sake of not hurting another, then ultimately the outcome becomes unhappiness, shortly thereafter divorce. We take on jobs that we really despise but the money is so good we say so we continue to go to these jobs daily not really giving it all we got, then we place the frustration on our co-workers and then finally we bring the frustration home causing the home front to become off balance ruining everyone else's happiness.Think about it... every single thing we do has a single purpose: to make us happier. And yet sometimes we get diverted, led astray, and do things that actually move us away from this dream. We all have the potential for happiness, and we all deserve to be happy. We make millions of choices throughout our lives, and the net result of all these choices combined, determines our level of true happiness. Make the right choices, and happiness is yours. There is no gene or DNA marker that determines who will be happy and who will not. Follow the tips and get a grip on life, happiness is just at your side find time to discover it.
1. CHECK YOURSELF. Are you on what condition now? No bliss at all? already contented on what's in store for you? Keep track of what you have and don't have in the moment. If you are happy with the things you currently have, stick with it. If there are things that always pisses you off, leave it. Aim higher and set your goals. This will lead you to bounty. Achieving more doesn't always make you look greedy, it is just on how you handle it.
2. REINVENT YOURSELF. Shake things off. Start from changing your attributes as well as your attitudes. Make your own fashion statement, a new hairdo would also do the trick. Be straightforward and optimistic. Just leave what makes you sad and look at the brighter side. Change is really good, you know, it will make you too hot to handle.
3. TRY NEW THINGS. Doing things you never did before is the best way to find out what you truly look for. Go out and try other stuff. It was never really that much of regret you would feel when you step out of your box. Experimenting is really exciting. Remember the days when going to the laboratory in school for chemistry class makes you feel exhilarated to the things you are going to do. Combine Chemical A with Chemical B and eureka! You are up to something new!
4. CONNECT WITH PEOPLE. "No man truly is an island." Try looking for a confidante. Share ideas and thoughts. Bring happiness to people. Who knows, giving happiness to others would bring back happiness to you. Being a loner would just make things worst for you. Make each day a chance for you to add more friends just like when you first step into your classroom and sit beside someone who, in the nest future, will become your best friend for the entire school year.
5. MAKE A SMILE ALWAYS HANDY. Happiness is contagious, start an outbreak now! Smiling gives of an umbrella of happiness. Make it a habit of smiling at people. Good vibes friend! Start from yourself and it would surely reflect. Bring joy to everybody! Exercise your face muscles and boost your immune system. There are a lot of benefits from smiling, with just a small effort it can give a huge wave of effect, attractiveness and optimism. "Peace begins with a smile!" - Mother Theresa
6. REST AND PRAY. After a long journey and happiness sought, lie down and clear your mind. If you're sure now to what makes you happy, thank Him and feed your soul. Surely, He helped you.
Happiness is a right; but as with any search, we have to make a decision to get started. We all long for the glow of wellbeing that true happiness delivers, and are nurtured by a foundation, or philosophy which predisposes us to stability and lifelong joy. These tips may sound simple but if you look deeper into what you truly feel about looking for things that will make you happy. It will make sense.

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