5 Ways To Overcome A Negative Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

Carrying around a negative attitude is like carrying around a gorilla on your back. Not only are you less attractive to others but your attitude also makes everything you do much more difficult. It feels like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders (actually it is just a gorilla) and you simply begin to dread life in general. Now if this sounds like fun to you there is no sense in you reading any further. However if you do not like gorillas or want to introduce positive change into your life read on. As the saying goes attitude is everything and if yours is good so is everything in life but if it is bad …bummer for you.

Here are 5 different ways you can overcome the negativity that is dragging you down and put yourself on track to a more productive and happy existence.

Get Some Fresh Air

Get outside and enjoy a breath of fresh air. The change of scenery and separation you may gain from any source of stress will also do wonders and give you the positive change you need to 're-boot' your attitude.


A favorite of mine and something I have done habitually for many years exercising is a great way to relieve tension related to a 'foul' mood. With the increase in blood flow you experience from exercise you are able to think more clearly and rationally. Sometimes this is all you need to help you recognize and reverse your attitude when it is working 'against' you and not 'for' you.

Address the Source

Often times there are particular reasons that cause your attitude to be more of a liability than an asset to you. If you are able, identify the source and either take corrective measures to remedy the problem or even remove it from your life.

Interact with Friends - Offline!

Take advantage of the close ties you have with family and friends by using their company to give you a positive change in your outlook. Being around people you care for or who care for you gives you an appreciation for what you do have which can be the mood altering experience you need.

Monitor Your Thoughts

Listen to your own 'self talk' since it can dramatically alter the course of your attitude. Much like self affirmations the way you encourage or criticize yourself contributes significantly to what you begin to believe is reality. With that said the more negative your 'chatter' the more negative your mindset and demeanor will be. When you experience this immediately replace the 'chatter' with more encouragement and positivity.

Anybody who has ever experience the effects a negative attitude knows how it can make even a sunny day appear gloomy. Actually if you consider it this way your attitude is much like a steering wheel. Our mood or outlook has a definite influence on the direction of our lives or to put it in more familiar terms attitude is everything. Negativity is a very heavy weight to be carrying and it serves no useful purpose WHATSOEVER! With a little effort on your part however you can introduce a positive change into your life by utilizing any or all of the 5 techniques we mentioned above. By stopping the flow of your negativity it is easier to recognize and embrace that which is good around you. Taking your direction from these positive feelings will then put you on track to a more enjoyable and productive life.

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