5 Things We Must Learn To Deal With In Order To Be Happy

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


However said that life is always easy, fruitful and fulfilling must be completely oblivious to its realities. The truth is, there will always be things which will try to kill the spirit of enthusiasm within us. There will always be opposition, because in life, there simply are some things that we must learn to deal with in order to be happy. The sooner we master its many facets, the happier we will be.
Here are 5 things that we must spend some extra time understanding.
LOVE. Although there are no real rules that teach people how to love, its full understanding may be the key to the happiness you seek. Love makes life much easier to live. It gives a person inspiration, better reasons for living, and passion to pursue goals. It may not necessarily mean loving a partner; it may mean loving a friend, a job, a pet, your hobbies and skills. Whatever form of love it is, it always enhances your appreciation for certain facets of life. A life completely devoid of love is robotic and quite pointless. You will see people as mere things that you have to share the planet with. With love, however, your perception changes - you will slowly realize that everyone and everything is essential in your search for true happiness.
Happiness and Success. Happiness is doing what you love, while success is excelling at doing what your love (notice that both are intrinsically tied to "love"). Your life will be a constant and unending realization of the things which will bring you true happiness. And as you live your life, you will find that you will be constantly searching for success in anything you try to pursue. No one can dictate to you what you should be succeeding at, and what things you should be deriving happiness from. As we progress, we will uncover these mysteries. Once you find the things that make you happy, then you will achieve your success at finding your own happiness.
Life balance. Feeling overwhelmed, and not knowing what to prioritize? Reality is, in order to be happy, you must know what is acceptable and what is excessive. You cannot be truly joyous if in your pursuit of professional success, you have managed to alienate your own family. You cannot be happy if all your life you spent amassing wealth, while completely forgetting to forge strong relationships with people who will give you a different kind of happiness. In order to live a life so rewarding, you must balance risk vs rewards, family and career, friends against business associates. Not knowing where to draw the line may spell the true amount of happiness you will later on reap. Don't focus on only one aspect of life, because when it goes, where will you run to?
Forgiving yourself. Some people blame themselves endlessly for mistakes that they made. Remember that life is a series of ups and downs, successes and failures. It is inevitable to make mistakes in the process of living. To beat yourself to a pulp for making a life-altering mistake is the surest way towards complete unhappiness and depression. Stop inflicting self-guilt for errors in judgment. Forgive yourself!
Remember that for as long as you are still alive, you will still have a chance to make up for mistakes. Don't let the lack of self-forgiveness hinder you from being productive and happy. To be happy, you must learn to accept even the toughest lessons life must teach you. All the failures you experienced help shape you into the strong, resilient person that you should be.
Betrayal. There is no sure-fire way of avoiding betrayal or even dealing with it. Why, because betrayal is another's person's decision - not yours. No matter how well you live your life, if someone decides to double-cross, cheat or lie to you, then it's his actions which dictated the situation - not yours. Like we always say, the best way to avoid disappointment is to never expect. Always guard your heart and mind so that you are not sent into an emotional rollercoaster after someone has betrayed you.
Remember that there may be reasons why they did it, and the reason is most probably not you. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and allow them the chance to change or at least to correct whatever wrong they have done. Understanding people is another good way to achieve happiness.

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