5 Steps To Developing A Positive Mental Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

And hey, you WILL be surprised how your gray matter (your brain) in your head will CHURN out countless of POSSIBLE solutions as you work on the problem. I tried them one by one... quite a lot DID NOT work, and finally, one worked... phew (what a relieve). So, after about a week of "struggling" (sorry... "overcoming"). Just think about it, that is what we were made for, by the Creator... our minds would not give up until a solution is found!

So, if you are facing a similar "road block" in your business or life, do not give up... It WILL help if you Have a Positive Mental Attitude.

Yes, I almost gave up... but looking back, all my fears (of failure) and negativity when I was solving the problem was in fact robbing me of my energy and how futile they all are... come to think of it. Would a more positive attitude helped me focus my energy and helped me face every difficult situation for the better?

So, how do we adopt and develop a positive mental attitude even when we are faced with a negative situation? When you are down and discouraged, how do you pick yourself up, or when you think you are facing an ultimate "brick wall" and you feel you are out of a solution or...when you are hit with negative responses from people causing your excitement and enthusiasm to slowly fade?

So, since I am more relaxed now, let us talk about how we can develop a positive mental attitude in life.

Definition: A positive mental attitude is believing, accepting, hoping and working toward a good result in every situation. A positive mental attitude is constructive, while a negative mental attitude is destructive. It means spending creative energies on finding ways that things can be done rather than exhausting emotional and mental powers dwelling on the ways things cannot be done. It means turning a problem into a solution. It means developing what I call THOUGHT DISPLACEMENT.

Let me explain... When you have a negative thought in your mind and it is nagging and pulling you down. What is really happening is that you are focusing on the thing you do not want to happen and in doing so you are, you are in fact focusing on the catastrophe and not the solution! Thought displacement changes all of that; but it requires discipline and imagination.

So, let me share with you 5 steps to developing a positive mental attitude:

1. Imagine, visualize and keep thinking of things that you would like or prefer to happen for your problem.
Imagine your problem is SOLVED. Use your imagination... you can do it. For example... if you are fearful that your project or presentation will fail, just remove those thoughts. Imagine and visualize your million dollar marketing presentation went excellently... and you CLOSED that deal!! Imagine earning $500 per day online... and your mind will think only of solutions to difficult problems. When the negative thought returns, challenge it and replace it with a solution.

2. Pursue wisdom. Have a habit of always learning.
Seek wisdom... pursue it. If it means reaching out for help from a wiser person or friend, just ASK for help. Read to find if others have also faced similar problems. We can learn from others. Read life stories of people who have overcome incredible difficulties. When a negative mental attitude dwells in your mind, go read a book about real life stories of people overcome. In so doing, you relate positively that they not only survived but they went on to WIN!

3. Affirm out loud daily with a positive attitude.
Say aloud to yourself "I will solve my problem today" or "I will earn $500/day in my online business". You could write down your affirmations in a notebook which tells you clearly what you are going to do. If you are facing a "low self-esteem" problem, affirm who you are and what relationships, responsibilities you have for my life goals. With this daily check, you will keep being positive and highly motivated. Alternatively, record an audio recording of yourself, or find a recording that will help you to affirm your goals, responsibilities and self esteem daily.

4. Have a great attitude! Act and behave motivated even if you do not feel like it.
Quite often we let our subconscious mind dictate our attitudes and take us off the right track. Have you heard that "Your attitude determines your altitude in life". Keep a right attitude. The key for high achievers and highly motivated individuals is their attitude. Although it may seems difficult, remember to keep a right attitude... doing what is right; acting and behaving motivated even in difficult situations. Eventually, our minds and spirits will respond positively.

5. Do something so that your mental or physical resources can be stretched.
When you are dwelling on negative thoughts, do something so that your mental or physical resources can be stretched. Go for a swim or jog. Learn to play a musical instrument, or cook up a storm in the kitchen preparing dinner for the whole family! Learn a new sport like golf or scuba diving, or riding a horse!! Learn to blog... if you do not have a blog... why not!! You will find your mind and body refreshed by the experiences.

Look for the positive in every situation. If you do, you will definitely see the light (the solution) and find opportunities for growth, learning and experience. Remember to use affirmations like:

* I can do it

* I will succeed

* It's an opportunity

* I will find out

* It will work

* It will help me grow

Until next time, remember the 5 steps to developing a positive mental attitude.

Have a positive week ahead!!

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