5 Simple Steps to Success with Subliminal Messaging

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

The one road to success is like a giant sparse highway that is most of the time empty though well kept. Not many of us are able to get to this road to excellence, mostly because the vehicle that we drive is beat up and filled with bad oil. Not a brilliant analogy but what I am trying to say is that we are filled with negativity that just holds us back, depresses us and confuses to the point where we lose our way and miss that turn to the highway of success. Subliminal messaging can turn you around and lead you the right way, and here are just 5 simple steps anyone can follow to use subliminal messaging to give you that triumph you always wanted.

Recognize and list down everything that is holding you back. Take out a note pad or a journal and write down every excuse that you have ever used in your life and circumstances you have made up. Now next to it, right down what you always wanted to do and compare it to where you are now. Every (feasible) dream that you ever had from whence you were a child to where you are today must be written down and then ask yourself - why didn't you pursue this?

Write down your bad habits. Is there a trail of smoke rising in the air from a half burnt cigarette in an ashtray? I mean it is ridiculous if you think about it. We know smoke causes cancer; we know it has more contaminants that a nuclear winter and we know that we actually don't know why we are smoking. What's worse? Why aren't you stopping? How many calendars have burned in the wake of resolutions not kept and promises broken and shattered on the floor?

Write down your character flaws. If you know you are lazy in life, unambitious and have perceptions that are holding you back from success - just write them down. What is it about you that you want to change and why? Feedback from friends and your loved ones and even people you just met - I want you to be honest about this and think about what can be improved.

Now write down a timeline. When you do want to change? Stop floundering on with vague projections that belong in a circus and get focused. Or perhaps this is one of your character flaws - you can't focus in your life and you weigh life too little and can even said to be reckless.

Now write down the keywords that you know will help you. Think of it as a motivational speech you are writing for yourself but just the important phrases that have the potential to be both life changing and cause anyone to stop and think. It can be words that strike a chord with you or remind you about the ones you love and why change is important to you. Use these keywords as positive affirmations for yourself which you can use in your self improvement efforts.

Now, for the last step - find out more about subliminal technology and how all this can come together and transform you into someone you will never recognise as living within you all this time.

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