5 paths to an instant managed life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


There are two roads when making every decision. The road traveled more often and the road less travelled. For some, taking the road traveled would be the easier path - Less worries, less responsibilities and risks, less everything. But, taking the road less traveled, you would face risk and challenges because you are braving the unknown.
Remember, taking the road less traveled would be risky and harder but in life, the road to success is always harder. If success was easy, everyone would have it and it would not be called success anymore because everyone would be pretty much the same. You cannot manage your time. There is no such thing as time management according to Dr. John Maxwell, a leadership guru. He did say you can manage your life though. Here are some advices I gathered while growing up on how to manage my life.
1. You write down what matters most to you; what you consider to be most important. It could be anything you have your mind set on. After that, fill in a weekly planner and enter what you're doing each hour (or maybe not each hour, maybe each day, or half a day) for the next 2 weeks. When you've completed your planner, review it and cut out the activities that take you away from what you consider to be most important to you.
2. Write down your goals both business and personal on the same planner. Choose the top ones on your list and try to focus your time, energy and resources on them.
3. Learn to say 'No'. - You can't take time for your life and what you want to achieve without learning to say 'no' to others. Saying no is a big stepping stone to learning how to prioritize and achieving your goals. Read this on how to say no, to avoid lengthy discussions.
4. Let your money work for you-An example would be, to shop on-line and pay for the extra freight or postage. Use a courier. Find someone else to do the 'running around'. In tasks, try to outsource those tasks that is taking precious time and pay someone else to do it. This won't work if you are receiving a measly lump of sum but, you can find a way or two.
5. Get Coached - Every top performer gets coached. You cannot be on top of your game just on your ability alone. One of the highest paying jobs here in the United States now is having a life coach. It is a status symbol if you have one.
Always be prepared, and try to teach, as well as and learn at the same time. Because the time you share what you know, will be the time when you will grow. Always remember, life happens once in a lifetime but, you can choose to have life or no life at all while living it.

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