4 Ways Towards Finding Your Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013

4 Simple Ways Towards Finding Your Purpose
Everyone has been divinely created towards achieving a specific purpose in life.
Its true!!!
There is a longing and a desire that we all have in finding our calling to make a difference, an impact and being fulfilled. The frustration sets in when we have no clue as to what we were put on Earth to do.
I mean yes, we may have an idea, but is it really what God has called me to do, we may ask ourselves. Too many people live their lives without walking in their God given gifts. Its a crying shame when we have people pass on without ever making an impact, never sharing their gifts with the world, and chose to live a complacent life.
We don't realize how much the world crave what we have (just imagine if Martin Luther King, Jr or Mother Theresa decided not to fulfill their purpose), therefore, my goal here is to share four simple ways that you can begin doing now towards finding your purpose and having an understanding of why you are here and the impact you were designed to make.
Let's go!
Finding Your Purpose #1 Being In tuned with God
Colossians 1:16 says (me paraphrasing) that we were created through him and for him, meaning, that our lives were made for His purposes. Our loving God knows every intricate detail about us (hey, He did create us right lol?!?). With this said, He also knows our purpose because He was the One who instilled it in us.
So wouldn't it behoove us to seek God genuinely, earnestly, and boldly so that we are in tuned as to what He has designed for us?!? Spending time with God does not have to be complicated in fact, He tells us to come to him as little children (and you know how kids will come to their parents for anything they are so bold and fearless).
Let's have that same attitude towards our Creator. Start by setting aside time where you speak to Him and meditate on His Word (meditate meaning pondering over and over and over on a particular Scripture). Thank Him in advance for revealing your purpose to you and helping you as you begin to walk in it.
As you continue to fellowship with Him daily, true transformation will take place and you will be amazed at how clear your purpose will begin to come to you!
Finding Your Purpose #2 What Are Your Strengths?!?
Your strengths tell a lot about your purpose. What are your character strengths?!? What are you naturally good at?!? Your gifts and strengths are in you to help fulfill your purpose.
Several weeks ago, I took a test that measures the 24 Character Strengths at AuthenticHappiness.com. Because I am high on personal development, I had a good idea of my top 5 strengths. However, after taking the test, there were 2 strengths that I didn't even realize were strengths. I was stoked!!! Its awesome because now I tap into those areas to help overcome certain weaknesses and continue to live a purpose driven life.
If you are unsure exactly what your strengths are, I encourage you to take the test. Visit here at http://www.authentichappiness.com. Its free to take but you will have to register on their website. It will take you about 45 minutes, but well worth it!!! Enjoy.
Finding Your Purpose #3 Asking Close Family & Friends
A third simple way towards finding your purpose is asking family and close friends on what they believe are your natural talents and gifts. Its amazing how the people we spend the most time with can see things in us that we have never realized before. I believe that you will feel a sense of confidence and appreciation as your family begin to give insight on the character strengths they see in you
And the beauty here is that you can make it fun!!! You can start by simply sending out a mass text asking the question revolving around the things you are good at or how they would describe your natural abilities. Post something on Facebook (I know a few friends who do this on a quarterly basis).
Or, just simply ask in a conversation. The point here is just ask!!!
Finding Your Purpose #4 What Tugs Your Heartstrings
What makes you indignant?!? What are you passionate about?!? What irks you?!? What makes you cry?!? What pulls your heart string?!?
I remember as a little girl when every time I saw the commercials of children starving in Third World countries, I would literally cry my eyes out. It doesn't come as a shock that I have a desire to give to organizations and ministries that reach out to those in need and continue to pray earnestly for our suffering people in certain parts of the world.
As you answer these questions, you'll gain clarity in finding your purpose. Research on how you can get involved. Create an action plan that by a definite date you would have achieved the first step towards walking in your purpose.
Final Words on Finding Your Purpose
I pray that this serves as a foundation towards discovering your unique purpose in life. Its such a joy when you get that

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