3 Ways To Be Creative In Your Daily Life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Creativity is an underrated force in society today. In the 17th and 18th century art was at center stage and being an artist was considered high status and this career choice might of even brought you to the attention of the King if you were talented enough. As the industrial revolution began, less emphasis was placed on art and more on the production of goods. This created the need for a specialized logical skill to be learned instead of a focus on art. However art should still command an important aspect in our lives because it has the ability to improve our thinking, increase your appreciation for the different types of art and lastly it can be very therapeutic to put the brush stroke to paper and create a work that is uniquely yours. In this article I will outline 3 ways to be more creative in your daily life.
The first way to become more creative in your life is to change your daily living pattern. I know this may sound uncomfortable for some because of our natural resistance change but it produces many benefits. For example if you're used to waking up to 10am on the weekends and watching TV until noon try to change that into waking up at 9am and going for a bike ride until noon and then watching less TV then you normally would. By making slight changes to your routine your brain will begin to process the change differently and will give you a burst of energy and creativity since you're consciously breaking out of your comfort zone.
The second way to become more creative is to read the autobiographies of famous artists such as Michaelangelo and Lenordo da Vinci. By learning the lives of famous artists and applying some of the mannerisms in your daily life you will see an increase in creativity and develop an everyday appreciation for the arts. For example Leonardo was born to an illegitimate father therefore he did not have the social status to be a part of the kings court. This forced him to go on long walks in forested areas where he began to closely exam the landscapes and learn to paint them in an amount of detail that is hard to match by today's standards. Make sure to remember that artists always do things differently and have a different thought process than most people who only have specialized knowledge and don't think outside the box. By reading enough biographies of famous artists you can have an increased appreciation for not only the history of art but also the men and the creative habits behind it. As a result you can apply some of the habits and mannerisms outlined in the autobiographies to experience an increase in creativity in your life.
The last way to be more creative in your daily life is by taking art lessons. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, taking art lessons is a good way to improve your creativity and analytical thinking. Art encourages self-expressions so unlike a normal class room setting there are no right or wrong answers. Such an environment produces a laid back care free atmosphere where your mind can be in its most creative state. Additionally a good teacher can help bring out the inner artist within you to make sure that you achieve your full potential as an artist. Lastly art classes can have a very therapeutic effect since what you are producing is a unique work of art that nobody can reproduce 100%. This gets in touch with your inner creativity and makes you feel good which ends up producing an increase in self-esteem.

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