3 Keys to Creating a Sacred Meditation Space

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


We all know the profound benefits that meditation practice bestows. The two important aspects though, in order to extract the wonderful benefits from meditation, is that the practice needs to be consistent and long term. To that end, one of the biggest obstacles to a long term, daily meditation practice, is the lack of a meditation space in your home.
This article will help you overcome this issue by providing helpful insights on how to set up your personal meditation space. Having such a meditation space, vastly increases the chances that you will develop a consistent and deep practice. The space helps counteract some of the resistance that thoughts will no doubt put up in your efforts to practice meditation on a daily basis. Having an inviting, inspiring meditation space ready to go, allows you to get busy with your session as soon as it's time or as soon as inspiration strikes.
Here are the 3 key components for setting up this important, sacred space in your home.
1. Find a Quiet Space: Try to find a quiet, peaceful place in your home to set up your meditation space. Meditation and spiritual growth can be called the business of silence. Although, the silence you will encounter in meditation practice is that of the infinite creative force, silence in the environment will help you with the concentration required to penetrate into these depths. So, as best you can, ensure that the area is situated such as to minimize sounds and distractions.
2. Get the Right Equipment: Yes, just like a professional tennis player needs the right equipment in order to perform at his maximum potential, so will the right equipment help you achieve your highest spiritual potential. This equipment includes important items such as a Zafu or meditation cushion, loose clothing that will not cut off your circulation, a chair if necessary, and a meditation timer to set your meditation time with.
Don't underestimate the benefits of the above items. When your meditation practice deepens, you will like to sit for longer periods of time, and this can prove to be uncomfortable on your knees and back. A Zafu or chair will go a long way in helping curb this problem. Proper clothing, for similar reasons, is also very helpful. One of the most common complaints in sitting meditation, is that one's legs tend to fall asleep and having proper meditative attire will help prevent this.
A meditation timer is also a must. Once you commit to sitting for a particular period of time, you need to see that through. Early in your practice, the body and mind will greatly dislike being told what to do in this way. They are both used to running the show, and all of a sudden being told to be still and concentrate on a particular thing is going to greatly upset them. The timer should be the only factor determining the end of your meditation session. Until it goes off, you should remain frozen in time and attentive to your practice. The timer will also be of value in helping you gauge your capacity to sit in meditation for long periods of time.
3. Add Inspirational Items: Place items in this location that inspire and uplift you. They can be anything from pictures, idols, symbols to books. You may also wish to keep some incense or a candle handy, as that can greatly enhance the ambiance of a meditative space.
A personal meditative space is a must. There is very little chance of establishing a strong and significant practice without it. Over time, you will find this space filled with positive vibrations and just entering it will uplift your spirit. Try to keep this space clean and exclusively for meditation, this might just become your favorite place on Earth.
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