3 Effective Ways to Save Your Relationship Before It's Too Late

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Are you trying to get your relationship back on course? Our relationships are among the most valuable aspects in our lives-- without them, life is lonely. If your relationship has been teetering towards an impending breakup, check out 2 ways you can improve your relationship.
Controlling Your Emotions Like an Adult
Now that you're an adult, you have no excuse for name calling, door slamming, screaming or hurting your partner when you're upset. As adults, you can control your feelings and act in a mature way-- unlike a 3 year old. The downside of being an adult is that you have to deal with more stress, which causes negative emotions that can slowly deteriorate a relationship.
How you cope with these kinds of stress is essential for maintaining a loving and satisfying relationship. How you act and behave will affect your relationship. This is why you must find a better way to deal with your negative emotions instead of taking it out on your partner.
A great way to burn off some steam is to exercise, do yoga, write in a journal, go for a walk at night, or perhaps even talk to a friend. These will help you regulate your emotions without you “flying off the handle” on your partner.
Increasing Positive Interactions with Your Partner
By having more negative interactions with your partner, you are weakening your relationship.
How you connect with your partner is important. If you and your loved one are constantly arguing, chances are high that you both stopped seeing each other as a human being who has their own thoughts, feelings, dream, and downfalls.
In order to be treated with respect you must give respect. The foundations of a healthy relationship is based on mutual respect, honesty, trust, communication, and the desire to want to be together.
The more negative interactions you're having with your partner, the more you are lessening your desire to be together. This is why it's essential to cultivate your relationship. Strive for more positive interactions. Go out on dates, laugh and play, have intimate conversations, and partake in activities you each enjoy.
Perhaps you and your partner can join a gym together or take up a new hobby together. By spending time together, you are increasing more opportunities for positive interactions.
Remember that your partner is human-- just like you. This will help you see life from their perspective, making it easier to connect on a more harmonious way.
Accept What Is
Also, you must learn to not to accept your reality. What I mean by this is that you don't have control of the past, so why not accept it and move on? When you are in acceptance of what happened, you are in a much better state to overcome adversity and maintain a loving relationship.
The more you are not in acceptance of your relationship and your partner, the more you are adding pain and suffering to your situation. It's similar to accidentally hurting yourself. The more you dwell on the pain, the more it will hurt and the harder it is to move on.
In conclusion to coping with relationship issues, learn to find a healthier and better way to cope with your own emotions. This will help you from taking out your stress on your partner. Also, you must find strive to have better interactions with your partner. Have deeper and more satisfying interaction with your significant other can greatly improve your relationship. And lastly, you must practice accepting the reality of your relationship. If your partner did some thing to make you angry, learn to let it go and move on from there. This will help you work towards a brighter and happier future with your partner.
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