101 Benefits of Meditaiton

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Meditation is an Age old Spiritual Practice known to the entire Humanity. All over the world, people are practicing various types of Meditation & the like methods in their daily Life. People generally practice Meditation for a number benefits like freedom from Worries,
Anxiety, Tension and the like innumerable Emotional problems. We also practice meditation for experiencing Wellness, Wellbeing, Harmony, Happiness & Spiritual Enlightenment.

A majority of persons practice Meditation even without thinking about the benefits, but simply as a custom, belief or habit or cultural practice known to them. If we look into the details of Meditation, we can find plenty of descriptions, books, audios, videos, & the like and also helpful information from the web & net.

Anyhow people are benefited. That’s why the number of people practicing Meditation is increasing day by day. Instead of going into the What & Why let’s go to the end result, that is the Benefits of Meditation.It is scientifically proved that Meditation can benefit us in a variety of ways like our Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological & Spiritual Wellbeing.

If we can understand these benefits of Meditation, it is certain that each & everybody will start meditating now itself for a Better LifeReduces Oxygen consumption

Reduces Respiratory rate

Reduces the Heart rate

Increases Exercise Tolerance

Induces Physical Relaxation

Reduces High Blood Pressure

Reduces Anxiety Attacks

Decreases Muscle Tension

Freedom from Chronic Diseases

Reduces Premenstrual Tension

Improves Postoperative Healing

Enhances the Immune System

Reduces the frequency of Infections

Reduces Stress Levels

Enhances Strength, Vigor & Vitality

Helps to reduce Overweight

Removes Free Radicals from Our Body

Reduces Tissue Damage

Increases Skin Resistance

Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Lowers the risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Improves Respiratory Functions

Decreases the Aging Process

Produces Anti Aging Hormone (DHEA)

Improves Pain Tolerence

Reduces over Sweating

Freedom from Headaches & Migraines

Improves Brain Functioning

Reduces Medical Care Expenses

ImprovesEnergy Conservation

Improves Physical Activities

Relief from Asthma & Allergy

Improves Sexual Life

Harmonizes our Endocrine System

Relaxes Our Mind & Brain

Improves Self-confidence

Enhances Positive Mood & Behavior

Freedom from Anxiety, Phobias & Fear

Helps to control our Thoughts

Increases the Power of Concentration

Increases Our Creativity

Increases Brain Wave-coherence

Improves Learning & Memory

Improves our Vitality & Longevity

Freedom from Emotional Imbalance

Better Interpersonal Relationship

Improves Psychological Development

Freedom from Bad Habits

Induces our Intuition

Enhances our Productivity

Better Family & Social Life

Better Workplace Balance

Improves our Awareness

Helps to live in Abundance

Helps to manage Our daily Problems easily

Improves Problem Solving Skills

Purifies our Thoughts & Behavior

Helps to develop Will Power

Better Brain & Mind Synchronization

Better Ability to face Stressful Situations

Increases our Perception in a better Way

Activates our Intelligence

Caring our Loved ones Sincerely

Improves our Mental Health

Better Social Behavior

Creates a Balanced & Relaxed Life

Freedom from all Addictions

Freedom from Procrastination

Freedom from Excess Sleep & Insomnia

Improves our Responsibilities in Life

Reduces our Anger & Vengeance

Makes our Mind Cool & Calm

Freedom from Unnecessary Worries

Better Listening Skills

Better Learning Skills

Enhances our Tolerance level

Creates better Creativity

Develops an Excellent Personality

Develops Emotional Maturity

Helps to do things in a Better Perspective

Helps to lead a Serene, Relaxed, Balanced, Harmonious & Happy Life

Develops the Quality of Sympathy & Empathy

Helps to lead a Life in Positive Health & Wellness

Helps to lead a Purposeful Life

Helps to attain Self-actualization

Stimulates the Quality of Compassion

Ignites our Spiritual Knowledge & Growth

Produces Mind, Body Balance

Induces deeper level of Physical & Mental Relaxation

Increases the Quality of Living Life as it is

Enhances the Quality of Forgiveness to All

Helps to become a Better Person

Changes our Attitude & Approach in Life

Improves our Inner Vision & Wisdom

Helps to live in the Present Moment

Increases the Quality of Universal Love & Peace

Helps to understand the Meaning of Life

Helps to annihilates our Ego

Helps to experience Inner Peace

Helps to experience Unity with the Supreme Being

Yes ! Let’s start Our Meditation !!

101 Benefits of Meditaiton
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