10 Reasons Why You Need Life Coaching

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


1. You're stuck and don't know which way to go
You have a decision to make. Either to leave your crappy relationship, or to get married, or have children, or to change career or go after that big dream of yours... or anything. You're confused in your head and the voices are telling you "you shouldn't do it, what if it doesn't work", but other voices say that you should "go for it, what if you don't do it and you'll regret it".
A life coach will help you clarify what's important to you about the decision; it will help you dig underneath those thoughts and feelings and create clarity about what you really desire. It'll be accomplished through a lot of talking, listing of goals and self-realization. These things are just what you need to get "clear."
2. You're lost
Maybe you don't know what your "thing" is, or you don't like your job, or you got out of college and don't like the field you studied in. Or your routine life makes you feel unfulfilled... and we could continue with all the guilt you feel about this.
Do not be afraid because you are not alone many other people feel the same as you feel. A life coach will help you sort out what your true personal values are (you might get surprised about this), and you might get clear on what is important to you and the awesome side-affect will be you getting fulfilled.
3. You seem to attract obstacle after obstacle and you are unhappy
You might need a change, or you might need to change. Mostly people that aren't happy are not living their personal values. Your coach will help you find out what are unhappy about and help you make the needed changes in your life.
4. You're happy
Now you wonder: "Why would someone who is happy in need of life coaching?" This is the ideal time when you are opened to growth. You are more likely to wonder what else is out there and be more willing to do the work needed to get even more satisfied with your life. Happiness is a great motivator.
5. Trouble in your relationships?
How to find your perfect partner? If this is your struggle then for whatever reason, and there are several possibilities, you're having a hard time meeting your love for life.
Should you stay or should you go? Your relationship has become a place of pain and confusion, your soul mate now feels more like a cell mate.
How to get over a break up? This one speaks for itself and if you're in this position my heart goes out to you. You're not alone and there's tons of stuff here to comfort you.
6. You want to build your self-esteem and self-confidence so you can achieve more in life
Are you constantly disappointed in others and in yourself? A life coach can help you become more self-aware, as well as get in touch with your inner strengths so you can capitalize on them.
7. You can put an action plan in place to reach your goals
A life coach can transform you into a goal oriented person, who will do their best to fulfill and live their potential and turn their dreams into a reality. A life coach can help you decide and make the right decisions or can make you decide. Especially if you are the type of person who has issues with making decisions.
8. Your career seems to be stalled
Are you're unsure of how to get it moving again? Or you're contemplating a change in careers? Life coaching can give you the tools you need to embark on a career that is more in line with your values and belief system.
9. You'd like to improve the quality or quantity of your interactions with others
Would like guidance on how best to achieve this? Life coaching can help you learn how to enhance your relationship, for your own sake and for your partner's.
10. You need someone to keep you accountable
Do you know why dieters are more successful when they join a group? It is because they are held accountable by a group of people. I bet you have broken commitments you made to yourself? Having a coach to verbally commit to each week, puts more leverage on you to make your commitments happen. He won't let you slack on your goals or make up excuses why you can't accomplish a goal. It's the kind of in-your-face accountability that will help you succeed.

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