10 Ideas about Life Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013

What is your life purpose? Is it helpful to know what it is? This
list provides some ideas about life purpose that may be helpful to you if
you have ever wondered about yours.
1. Your life purpose is something you have always known either
consciously or unconsciously.
2. Your life purpose is unique to you. Others may use similar words to
state their purpose but the expression of that purpose is different
for each person.
3. Part of your life purpose includes the work that only you were meant
to do. The world needs you to do it and if you choose not to, the
world loses the benefit of that aspect of you.
4. When your goals and intentions are not consistent with your life
purpose, they are difficult to achieve and result in fleeting
5. If you don't know your life purpose but believe you have one, then
perhaps there is a part of you that knows that purpose. One way of
finding your purpose includes discovering that part of you that knows your
6. When your work is aligned with your purpose it is easier to do and
you attract more of it. (This is helpful for anyone who is marketing
themselves. i.e. lawyers and job seekers.)
7. People often are fearful about finding their purpose. Often the fear
concerns being forced to act on their life purpose. In fact everyone
has the choice of whether to utilize that purpose or not. (See number
8. Many people find their purpose accidentally. Some people find work
and life experiences that use their purpose without really consciously
knowing what that purpose is.
9. Some people choose to live a life without purpose. This may be a
conscious choice or it could be because the person has other needs that
have to be taken care of first i.e. food, shelter, safety.
10. Just because you find your purpose does not mean life will be
without pain. Life has its ups and downs for everyone. Using your life
purpose is a means to have a more satisfying life.

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