10 Benefits of Fasting

benefits of fasting

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Fasting is most common now a days as we all know that it has got plenty of health benefits. Fasting was traditionally practiced in various religious cultures and practices. Fasting really changes our mind and body and enhances and activates our entire life.Below we are presenting some important benefits of fasting, which will actually change our life very effectively and positively. Even though the medical science is emphasizing about the physiological benefits, the emotional, mental & spiritual benefits and many more.

1. Fasting for weight Loss

It is a simple fact that regular, systematic fasting can reduce your excess fat and is a real tool for controlling your weight. When more fat is burned our unnecessary weight will be reduced to a great level. So, all of us should practice fasting on a periodic basis to keep our weight in balance.

2. Increased Insulin Sensitivity

It is proved by the medical science that fasting can enhance the insulin sensitivity and will control the diabetic state to a very normal state. So, controlled fasting is very useful to keep your diabetic state in balance.

3. Enhances Metabolism

The practice of intermittent fasting gives periodic rest to our digestive system. The digestive system is re-generated and it becomes more healthy and more active. And in that way our total body metabolism becomes better and better.

4. Enhances our Longevity

Various scientific studies in various countries in various communities have shown that fasting is really a factor in enhancing our longevity. Fasting helps to regulate our hormonal production and utilization. The more you fast, the more your total metabolism is enhanced and there will be total re-generation of all cells and tissues.

5. Our hunger is improved

It is a proven fact that those people who fast regularly have got good appetite and hunger so that they can take the food they need in the appropriate time and in the appropriate quantity.

6. Changes our Eating Pattern

People with eating disorders can very easily change their eating pattern if they regularly practice fasting due to the specific action in the body metabolism and also the eating centres in the brain.

7. Enhanced Brain Function

When the body Metabolism and the Glucose levels are changed it definitely stimulates various centres in the brain and activates our brain and enhances a major part of our Mental & Spiritual faculties. Actually, it will totally boost our creativity & inner abilities.

8. Enhancing our Immune System

Periodic fasting is a real stimulus to the whole cells in the body, particularly the immune system. Thus we should always practice regular fasting so that our vitality, stamina and body resistance are very much enhanced. And it will add to our life span and it will eradicate chronic infections.

9. Fasting for total well being

Regular controlled fasting will boost our health and well being in the most effective way by eradicating all the deceases and by imparting positive health and wellness.

10. Fasting is a Tool for Spiritual Enlightenment

In all Spiritual practices fasting is a must due to the benefit that it enhances our mental faculties, and it will change our consciousness very much. Along with other spiritual practices if you are practicing fasting it will definitely have a positive impact in our spiritual life.

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