Your Subconscious Mind and Its Hidden Secrets

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

You may be wondering why you have broken relationships, business failures, financial failures, etc but could not figure out what has gone wrong. Are all these failures purely bad luck? The culprit of your failures could be what is hidden in your subconscious mind.

The hidden secrets of your subconscious mind are disclosed by Sigmund Freud, an Austrian physician and founder of psychoanalytic theories. His research was carried out in the early 19th century with particular focus on the influence of subconscious mind on behaviors and resolving subconscious conflicts. His works not only shocked the world at the time yet still have profound influences on a number of disciplines till today. This is evidenced by the evolvement of psychoanalysis into diverse schools of thought throughout the 20th century and most of which may be classed by Neo-Freudian.

According to Freud, your mind is divided into 2 parts: the conscious mind and subconscious mind. Your conscious mind includes everything that you are aware of. In contrast, your subconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges and memories outside your consciousness. It is not fully conscious but influences your actions. In short, it is powerful yet influential!

You subconscious mind is stuffed mostly with negative elements that derived from your unacceptable and unpleasant past experiences and unresolved conflicts. These negative elements could be your pain, phobia, panic, guilt, shame, anger, fear, anxiety, conflicts, etc. Unresolved conflicts especially those rooted from childhood affect negatively your behaviors and characters. Greater impact comes from your subconscious that is stimulated by unacceptable and unpleasant past experiences. These invisible forces can distort easily your perception, pull you away from your right track and then affect your success and happiness in life.

The main function of your mind is to protect you from danger. Negative elements are considered unwelcome thoughts to your mind. Whenever your mind detects negative elements, a process of “repression” will be in operation to suppress these negative thoughts out of your consciousness. In other words, a defensive operation will shut-off your brain mechanisms and make you unaware of the negative elements. Hence, any negative element that is in you can influence your actions without you knowing its underlying influences.

You see only what is visible but not the invisible. The truth is being unconscious is your own worst enemy. If you have had failures or been struggling to move forward in life, you ought to find out if you have been obsessed unknowingly by your past experiences. By interpreting your negative elements, you can gain insight for resolution to your success and better life. Your truth will liberate you but only by reprogramming your subconscious mind will give birth to a happy and successful tomorrow.

By: Tan Sock Nye

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