Vedic Astrology - Ancient Wisdom For Modern Day Yogis

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

Vedic Astrology is portion of the 5,000 year old yogic tradition from India that contains hatha, astanga, and kundalini yoga, meditation which includes mantra, yantra and ritual, along with the healing science of Ayurveda. It truly is a holistic art/science and, throughout the ages, has addressed all elements of our human encounter: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The trouble with "popular" astrology, particularly western astrology, is that it has primarily been portrayed (incorrectly) as a personality or physical characteristics system. Even though some of these character and physical descriptions may perhaps ring true, there's generally not significantly depth to them.

Traditionally, Vedic astrologers addressed the physical realm by means of the study of Ayurveda so they could speak to their client's physical and well being concerns. Likewise, Ayurvedic students would study Vedic astrology to understand the possible for and timing or onset of illness in their customers. Unlike well-liked astrology, though, Vedic astrology assists us realize what underlies our physical and psychological limitations; the karmic and familial imprinting that frequently operates in our unconscious thoughts.

Underneath the unconscious level, though, lies a deeper level which in Sanskrit is called, the "purusha" or soul-level of consciousness. Here we experience ourselves as an unfettered expression of pure spirit (jiva-atman). This degree of Vedic Astrology is useful for dealing with core troubles as all dis-comfort begins at this level. By understanding the relationship in between the planets and also the chakras we can see exactly where our power is just not flowing. This can be applied to all forms of healing no matter whether physical, emotional, sexual, karmic or energetic.

It's at this degree of energetic healing that Vedic Astrology assists us experience our accurate, Soul-level dharma or objective and intimate connection with God/Goddess. Beyond any perceptions of separation that prevent us from seeing our divine gifts and Oneness with Spirit, lies our accurate spiritual prospective. The astrological chart at the Vedic level is really a map or yantra of our spiritual destiny.

If our eyes are open and not covered by the dust of illusion, we can embrace our true soul-purpose or calling. This needs letting go of feelings of separation and seeing that our life is unfolding according to the Divine strategy. This type of surrender helps us see that by expressing our individual gifts we are co-creating this Divine strategy with Spirit moment by moment. This is the new paradigm that Vedic Astrology is ushering in. For those brave yogis and yoginis that want to courageously pursue their highest dharma, Vedic Astrology is often a spiritual tool that can enlighten and empower your journey!

Lastly, astrology can aid us see our accurate, soul-level purpose in life. The astrological chart is indeed a map of our spiritual destiny if our eyes are open. This will be the highest level of astrology and needs that the astrologer has carried out the work essential to guide on this level. When we open to our accurate soul-purpose or calling we let go of feelings of separation and see that life is unfolding according to the divine strategy. And......we see that by expressing our individual gifts we are co-creating this Divine plan with spirit moment by moment.

By: Paul Klauss

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