Technical Aptitude Test - An Indispensable Part Of Technical Job Selection

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

Preparing a resume and giving intelligent and apt answers to questions asked on the interview are not enough to get you that coveted job. You would need to do quite a bit more, as the recruitment process has become somewhat different than what it was – even a couple of years back. In many instances, you would have to sit for a psychometric test or an aptitude test, so that the employers can get a better idea about your skills and attitude towards work. Given this scenario, it is always better to be prepared; one can download technical aptitude tests, mechanical aptitude tests, and spatial aptitude tests , answer the aptitude test questions, and know where he stands. A person can use the format of these tests to know the areas where he lags behind and work on the same.

A technical aptitude test - designed to assess your logical reasoning and thinking – consists of multiple choice questions that need to be answered within a given time frame. A typical test would need to be answered within 30 minutes. The results of the test of different individuals are compared and judgments made accordingly. You an be asked by your potential employer to answer a technical aptitude test on paper. The online versions of these tests also exist where the results are available immediately. You could even download sample tests from online providers and practise different types of questions likely to be asked.

A technical aptitude test can contain questions on numeric reasoning, abstract reasoning, spatial ability, mechanical reasoning, fault diagnosis, and data checking. There are a host of such tests and the actual questions would depend on the particular employer. Some of these tests might contain one type of question; some others might contain questions of different types.

The numeric ability questions being asked in a technical aptitude test pertains to basic arithmetic, number sequences, and simple arithmetic. Sometimes, certain charts and graphs would need to be correctly interpreted. The abstract reasoning questions – on the other hand – tries and measures your ability to identify the underlying logic of a pattern and come up with the solutions. A good score in abstract reasoning means that you can learn things more quickly.

Your skills in manipulating shapes in two dimensions or in visualizing three dimensional objects from two dimensional pictures are measured through the questions on spatial ability. These questions are often there in a technical aptitude test for jobs that require good spatial skills.

The questions on mechanical reasoning in any such test would measure your expertise and knowledge of physical and mechanical principles. Such questions are asked in a technical aptitude test being conducted for technical and engineering occupations.

Another staple of technical aptitude tests are the questions on fault diagnosis. The technical personnel who can find and make good faults in mechanical and electronic systems have to answer these questions correctly and within time. The problems have to be approached logically to identify the faults. Then, there are the questions on data checking that measures the capability of the candidates to detect errors in data.

Some very comprehensive technical aptitude tests are being put in place by reputed providers working in this sector. A person – applying for a job – can download the practice papers and e books on technical, mechanical, and spatial aptitudes and be better prepared to deal with the actual exams.

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