Can get it done Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

The first major victory in the game of life is to convince yourself that any thing is possible. You must first believe that you can achieve whatever you set in your mind to achieve. Without that, there is nothing anybody can do that will make a meaningful impact in journey to the top.

I have always insisted that away will manifest if you are determined to accomplish a task. I mean make a look around you, all that you see came from men and women who first believe that it was possible in their mind. Do not be deceived when you read or fearsome stories of great accomplishes, its never an overnight thing. it is case of saying yes when other things saying no.

Many years ago in England, a small boy grew up speaking with a lisp. He is never a scholar in his days, and when a war was broke involving his nation, he was reject with the information 'we need men'. he once rose to address the house of commons and all present walked out of the room. In fact, he often speak with empty chairs and echoes. But, one day.....,he became a Prime minister of great Britain and with stirring speech and bold decision, he led his nation to victory. When you hear the name Sir Winston Churchill, think of a man who against all odds developed the possibility attitude.

With determination, you will develop a can-get-it-done attitude and you can accomplish anything in life. Without it, you are doomed to frustration and disappointment. If you want a job, house of your choice, financial freedom,etc , all you need is can-get-it-done attitude

In Mandrake Root, Machiavelli said,' even though such a hope may be fragile and vain, a man desire and determination to accomplish a difficult task will blind him to the chances of failure.

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