What Kerala (Malayali) Should Learn ?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2018

Dr. Purushothaman

The people of Kerala had a great natural calamity, the Flood 2018, of this millennium, which had broken and shattered the heart and mind and the long cherished dreams of all keralites. In this situation we should be prepared to think and evaluate the What? Why? & How? of this miserable and unforgettable experience that we should avoid in future. As one among you, I thought that I will share some of the pertinent and insightful thoughts which came to my mind which will definitely awaken all of us to lead a renewed life journey.
We should understand that our mother nature is everything for us, which is protecting and providing everything that we want in our life. Our precious nature is an open University, which teach us about diversified, significant and continuous experiences, both happy and unhappy and sometimes most miserable and unforeseen events also. Most of the time we Human beings are not ready to accept and learn from these experiences. We can give a lot of explanation for this calamity and flood contributing to geographic, climatic and ecosystem changes. Really, it is the harsh reaction and punishment from the Nature for our unnatural, egoistic and self centered behavior, thoughts and actions that we execute in all walks of life.
The fact is that our unscientific techniques made our earth lose its naturality. The main reason for this is our unlawful and unethical assail on our ecosystem which destroyed our land and it’s harmony. Those construction activities which made our mountains and river bed in danger also played a main role in devastating our State. The changing political parties and the Government also supported this to a major extent. To put it in another way, we are responsible for all these events. Now Kerala, once known as God’s own country has become Devil’s own country.
Actually Kerala was enjoying the position of the queen of India, occupying the western coast of the Indian Ocean like a half cut plantain leaf experiencing and enjoying all the luxuries. Now the flood has broken and shattered the whole State to nothingness. Now we are the victims of our own cruel deeds.
After a major Flood in 1924, we are experiencing such a devastating calamity after about 9 decades (2018) in our memory. It is very pathetic to see that all the malaylees have become refugees in our own motherland which is really a strange thing.
This flood had taken many of our lives. Lacks of people became homeless and experienced utter nothingness in their life. We have seen many domestic animals floating above water. So many reptiles took over our home. It is a negative reward to human beings who are not ready to study, safeguard and love our nature. This had washed away our aspirations and convictions.
Ancient civilizations had taught us to love nature. In bygone days we worshiped earth, trees, reptiles, sun, moon, sea, fire, wind etc. They believed that these are all the fundamentals of life and nature. They expressed love and respect towards nature. But now the situation has changed and we all know that which emotion is dominating us. It is very sad to say that our thoughts, behavior and character had changed a lot. Our selfishness, negative thoughts, ruthless behavior and un-loving attitude had tempted to destroy our beautiful nature. The present disaster had happened when nature lost its equilibrium and withstanding capacity. By analyzing generally we can make reasons for it as a natural disaster or climatic change. But when we think as a human being, it is the perfect replay from the nature itself towards the Keralites for their anti-natural activities. Nature is unaware whether you are rich or poor, which caste or religion you belong and such divisions or anything like that. As far as Nature is concerned, Human Beings are one among other animals and living things. The Nature does not consider about our believe system,our God or anything like that. Both believers and non-believers were affected by the same flood. It is a great teaching from the nature to those who believe that selfishness is their God.
Egoistic activities sprouted in the mind of Keralites only before some decades. Values and Virtues and Morality had shrunken by the upper hand of materialism in our life. Our ecosystem paid a lot for those who believed that money is everything. People who are not showing patience to make our nature greenish & beautiful are the only ones who consistently try to destroy our hope for the future. The recent flood revealed the necessity of changing our concept and thoughts & activities
Now we all are in an awakening state of this great disaster which we never faced before. Without considering race, color, caste, creed, religion and all other differences we are all united with one mind and one body to face this situation. All the people of Kerala had shown the full support for the homeless and those who lost their loved ones. Really, we never faced such a horrible situation before. It is the necessity of our history to rise again from this dejection. Now we are just trying to recover from this disaster. It is a natural law that sorrows and miseries, whether it is for the individual, group, state or nation is the necessity for a total transformation. These happenings should change our attitude and approach in all areas of our life leading to the development in social, financial and technological aspects. This change is necessary for everyone. One word of caution, if we will not learn lessons from all the miseries that we experienced and if we will not ruin the equilibrium and balance of our land and ecosystem, we have to face major threats in future. If we can live according to the rules and natural principles of nature, we can definitely lead a happy and harmonious life. As a Human Being let us understand that “Nature is our Life and our Life is our Nature" and we will take an oath that we will not do anything to harm the balance & harmony of our precious nature and that we will love our mother nature and also that will lead a simple, humble and Eco-friendly life so that we will have a renewed life journey with a great destination & difference in the days to come. Let this be the beginning of a great beginning !!

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