Simple Strategies on How to Declutter Your Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 9, 2014


No one really what to live their life full of clutter, but for many people clutter is all around. When clutter begins to build up around you, how to declutter your life should become a priority. If you are serious about clutter free living, you will begin to take proper steps to declutter your life. The steps necessary to live clutter free are not all that complicated. The following are helpful strategies that can teach you how to declutter your life.
1. Before you begin to declutter your life it is important to realize that arriving at your ultimate goal of No More Clutter should apply to all aspects of your life. This not only means you should declutter the space you live in, it also means you should declutter your mind as well. This is an important concept to grasp because removing clutter from all aspects of your life removes impediments that get in the way of keeping you from being productive throughout your day.
2. In order to be successful in living clutter free you must begin your decluttering process in the right frame of mind. When you are feeling down or depressed it is easy to forgo the steps necessary to keep clutter at a minimum. It is not unusual to find that clutter and depression go hand in hand. If this is your case, you must address the former in order to reverse the latter.
3. When beginning your decluttering process I advise that you take things slow and easy at first. One of the most common mistakes people make is that they will try to take on too much too soon. This leads to being overwhelmed and unable to finish the task. A successful tactic to arriving at a life with no more clutter is to break the entire process into a series of small tasks and work on them one by one. By breaking your overall task into smaller tasks, you are likely to achieve a successful outcome.
4. Decluttering your life also means making tough choices. Although it may sound easy, making decisions on what you are going to keep and what you are going to throw away is a decision that keeps many people from becoming clutter free. It is not unusual for people to become pack rats and hold onto items they neither need nor want. For example, an avid reader may end up saving several books he/she doesn’t even like! It just becomes second nature to hold onto these things out of habit. When the time comes to say No More Clutter! you will have to rid yourself of those things that have outlived their usefulness.
5. Making a list of all the tasks you wish to handle when decluttering your home, office, and life is another important step. Yes, a simple checklist of all the items you need to organize will help you in reaching your goal. A disorganized approach to organization is simply self-defeating. Preplan your strategy as best as possible as this will boost success potential immensely.
6. It also never hurts to ask for help. Whether you ask one of your friends for a little aid or you simply read a "how to" guide, you should not muddle through the process on your own if positive results are not forthcoming. Look towards helpful advice that can deliver excellent tips on getting the most out of your anti-clutter strategy.
The process to make your life clutter free is not as complicated as you might be led to believe. You can get a handle on your disorganization by just taking simple steps to reverse the problem. It is easy to do once you have the right insight into the process.

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