Our Mission

Dr. Purushothaman
February 2, 2013

Our Mission is to actualize the Vision of How to lead a Healthy, Stress-free,  Balanced, Serene, Happy &Harmonious Life -”A State of Total Wellbeing”.

There should be a Radical Positive Change in our Mind -setup, with flowering of our Consciousness, in the whole Spectrum of our Life

We all know that our life is an ever-changing experience. All the religious teachings, philosophies, science and technologies and the whole humanity are really aiming for a novel change in our life and the whole world, to be in “Wellbeing”

This is the are where all of us should start thinking

We are making an earnest attempt to provide the Know-how of Total Well being, Self- knowledge ,Self- growth & other Positive Life Themes ,by presenting all the available resources in the form of Tips and Tools , Articles, Blogs, Videos, Audios, Images, Links Presentations, Online chats and Consultations , Guidance, Support  and so on and so forth.

What we are presenting is Nothing New

It is really a blend of Age old Vision and Wisdom with New-age Scientific knowledge, enabling us to Express, Experience and Enjoy Total Well being in our Life

We are giving special emphasis to the younger generation at large

We are sincerely soliciting the esteemed association, co-operation, contacts, help, interest, interactions, suggestions, support and all other positive attitudes, aptitudes, approaches and goodwill of all like-minded persons and organizations all over the world for the proper projection, promotion, propagation and persuasion of this Noble Vision and Mission, leading to the Flow Experience of Excellence, Harmony, Authentic Happiness and Total Well being, over the Globe, over the years to come.

Our Aims & Objectives

Our Absolute Vision and Mission is to start and develop a Centre for Human Perfection – A Novel Centre – A Centre par excellence for Mind Programming and Research, Human Excellence, Harmony, Happiness, Universal Peace and Love for the Entire Humanity in this Millennium.

1. To promote and conduct advanced Research on Human Mind and Consciousness for the benefit and wellbeing of each and every individual in the society and for the entire Humanity at large.
2. To start and develop the Faculties of Behavioral Sciences and other allied subjects, aiming all age groups, especially the younger generation in the society.
3. To activate and enhance the creativity, thinking pattern, persuasion skills, self esteem and other highly refined positive qualities of the younger generation and the high-tech professionals and executives and other working persons in our area of operation.
4. To accept, adopt and promote the recent advances in all fields of Science and Technology for the well being of our fellow beings.
5. To help the unemployed youths in all possible ways by job oriented projects and programs to make them self-sufficient and self-expression through self- supportive schemes.
6. To promote and propagate Human Ethical Values in all areas in our society, irrespective of Age, Sex, Caste, Creed, Religion, Beliefs, Customs, and other socioeconomic status, with a Noble Vision of an ideal change in all areas of our life.
7. To promote Positive Personal Change and Perfection leading to Human Excellence.
By adopting the Teachings and Wisdom of World Religions, Philosophy, Psychology and the New-Emerging developments all over the World, to spread the message and practice of Holistic lifestyle strategies and Holistic Health Care Delivery Systems.
8. To introduce and promote the new Mind Re-programming Method – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to deserving and desirous persons in the society, especially the younger generation.
9. To spread the message and practical advice of imparting Harmony and Happiness in our day to day life.
10. To introduce and spread Scientific Spirituality ( Applied Spirituality) by incorporating the Ancient Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom of World Religions and Philosophies with recent advances in Psychology, Neural- Sciences and other Scientific and Technical knowledge.
11. To start and spread a new branch of Psychology – Positive Psychology, aiming at Authentic Happiness and Wellbeing to the Entire Humanity.
12. To co-ordinate all Thinkers, Writers, Philosophers, Scientists, Educationalists, Philanthropists, Intellectuals and others working for social reforms, Spiritual leaders, political leaders and the like and bring them under one roof to work for the grand Vision and Mission for Human Perfection.
13. To project and promote the importance of Universal Peace and Love among our fellow beings irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed, religion and other socioeconomic differences.
14. To start and function Model Libraries of International Standards with a Vision and Mission of imparting absolute knowledge and wisdom to each and every person in the society.
15. To publish, circulate and deliver various Newsletters, Periodicals, Magazines, Journals, Bulletins, Books and other related publications relevant to the aims and objectives of the Trust, adopting the recent trends in Science and Technology.
16. To create and spread various Websites, Blog sites, Internet groups and other Social Networking groups with a vision and mission for Human Perfection.
17. To conduct regular Classes, Workshops, Seminars, group discussions, Tele- conferences and other informative and interactive sessions in allied subjects and topics at National and International levels.
18. To establish, run and manage all kinds of Educational Institutions including Professional, Technical, Engineering, Art and Science Institutions, Training Centres, Medical Institutions like Hospitals, Medical, Dental and Nursing Colleges, Schools, Training Institutions, Research Centres, Paramedical Institutions and allied activities.
19. To open and run various Health Care Delivery Systems including Major Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dispensaries, Community Health Centres, Rehabilitation centres on philanthropic basis so as to help the sick, poor and handicapped persons for diagnosis and treatment and co-ordinate research, development and health care delivery programmes for the whole community at large.
20. To motivate the youths by identifying them, developing their talents and skills and carrier options, attitude and aptitude, guiding to self perfection and creativity.
21. To organize, activate and arrange various motivational, cultural and educational events and festivals.
22. To awaken a better understanding, friendship, co-operation and association between all the persons in the community from all Religions and to evolve and evoke joint programs against all social evils, including alcoholism, substance abuse and other addictions and destructive phenomena and the like.
23. To establish and promote social forums and groups and organizations to actively work for the physical, mental and spiritual well being of all the members in the society.
24. To promote works and activities with ideas/ themes /subjects of humanitarian interest in any art forms, theatrical and non-theatrical, of local and global styles and nature in all possible ways from production, reproduction, performance, propagation to acquire and or import any necessary equipment of any nature – pneumatic, electronic, semiautomatic, automatic or computerized, to set up studios, theatres, laboratories or research centres or such buildings and to gather all technical expertise/ experts from all over the world, for the fulfillment of the said objective.
25. To undertake the import and export of essential commodities, machines, equipments, etc., for implementing various activities of the Trust.
26. To help the poor to be self dependent by spreading appropriate small scale farming and industries to help them for developing basic amenities in life.
27. To organize camps, trainings and other motivational programs to empower women.
28. To work for Ecological balance.
29. To establish, run and manage educational institutions mainly of science, information technology, software and hardware firms, orphanages, destitute houses, poor homes, beggar relief centres, community care centres, dharmasalas, lecture halls, audio visual centers, libraries, hostels, boarding and loading houses, guest houses etc. in India and abroad.
30. To acquire property for the sole use of the Trust and institutions established under the Trust.
31. To run Certificate, Graduate and Post Graduate academic Programmes, training classes, seminars, workshops and other public functions for the benefit of the community in general in India or abroad.
32. To acquire properties for the construction of appropriate buildings, according to the necessity of the Trust to use as an office or for the use of the officers of the Trust for pursuing the objectives of the Trust.
33. To carryout such works of charity as the Trust shall deem fit, without the discrimination of caste, creed, religion or nationality or any such differences.
34. To encourage, promote and help brilliant and outstanding students in the lower socioeconomic strata of the society by giving stipends, scholarships and awards and other monetary help and other supportive measures.
35. To start and develop model community centres in the selected areas to uplift the standards of living.
To start, fund, establish and run Educational/Vocational Institutions and training centres for imparting specialized skill to the unemployed.
36. To help the deserving with loans, gifts and other aids in the nature of medical, house construction, marriages, education etc, with the idea of alleviating Human suffering.
37. To provide education, medicines, food, clothing, water, light and shelter for the poor and for the needy and to give help and support to them in all possible ways.
38. To work in harmony and association with similar Trusts/organizations (Governmental and Non Governmental)/ Societies/ groups/ institutions in our area of operation at present and later with such organizations outside India to bring about communal harmony, National Integration, International understanding for spreading the message of Human Harmony, Happiness, Human Excellence, Universal Peace and Love.
39. To awaken and activate all the noble ways and means, as are conductive to the persuasion and advancement of all the above aims and objectives.


All the Human beings without any discrimination on the basis of Religion, Caste, Creed, Sex, Age, color, Customs, Beliefs, Concepts, Socio Economic and Socio Cultural Status, Religion, Locality, State or Country and other trends, shall be the beneficiaries of the Trust, aiming for the Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Psychological and Social Wellbeing.

With these words of introduction let me submit & surrender this Website, the official platform of Centre for Human Perfection, to the entire Humanity
Let this be the Beginning of a Beginning!!
With regards,
Director, Centre For Human Perfection
Living In Wellbeing

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