Maintain Balance between Your Personal & Professional Life

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Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

During the pressure-laden times at the workplace, professionals have to keep aside their personal lives and the focus is entirely on work. Such nerve-racking times are encountered quite frequently at workplace and it becomes literally impossible to fulfill the goal of work-life balance. This unachievable goal has become a matter of concern for even the best IT companies and all these companies are striving hard to find a solution to this problem before it starts affecting the employee performance in days to come.

Get Started with Concrete Understanding

For quite some years, the term work-life balance has been misunderstood and this is one reason why the goal has not been achieved so far. So, before moving forward, we would like to define balance between work and life in a clear and concise manner.

Work-life balance means maintaining a balance between your work and life. And here by life we mean family, health, hobbies, social circle and spirituality. Once professionals are able to divide their time equally amongst all these activities, balance between work and life can be achieved.

How to Maintain Balance between Work & Life

Understanding the concept is easy but its application in real life situations is not. It might take several years for a professional to achieve this stability and with this you can gauge the level of complexity involved. But, the level of intricacy should not deter your spirits and both employees and employers must take steps to achieve this common goal.

For Employees

In this era of cut-throat competition, everyone wants to win the race. However, while competing in the corporate world you should not leave your personal life behind. A happy personal life eventually helps professionals in performing better at the workplace and one should understand it before its too late. An individual’s personality is made up of different facets and one should prioritize all these aspects to lead a balanced life. Another practice that adds stability to your life is to take regular breaks and reflect on what you are presently doing and what you should be doing. Continuous reflection on your behavior helps professionals in moving ahead in both personal and professional life.

For Employers

The efforts of employees towards achieving work-life balance go waste if their employer does not cooperate. Leading IT companies have realized this fact lately and introduced policies and programs that help in achieving the goal of work-life balance.
Maintaining a balance between work and personal life not only results in the growth of employees but also catalyzes the expansion of the organization as a whole. A stable life motivates individuals to perform better at the workplace and increases their productivity altogether.

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