Dear Visitor,
Let us express our gratitude to the Almighty for having a Divine Prayer session for you. Both of us are blessed by the Grace of God. We have got a group of divinely charged, devoted, and blessed persons who will be sincerely praying for you, mentioning every problem you have narrated from your heart.
We will be Praying to the Supreme Almighty God in the subtle energy level about your specific miserable situations from tomorrow onwards at 7 PM (Indian Time ) for 15 minutes for 14 consecutive days. For the prayer to be effective & to get the desired result, it is highly feasible that you should also attend the session with a devoted heart & mind in your residence/private room/office/any comfortable place/easily seated/alone/relaxed/with closed eyes/focusing on your breathing/without any external distractions or noises/keep your mobiles/TV/like other gadgets off…………………
Without your logical or conscious thinking, believe that miraculous changes will happen in your life through the Blessing of Almighty God, initiated by our combined prayer. Please understand that Belief is the Law of Life! We are giving you a Specific Mental Script (Affirmation)


Follow the steps given below from tomorrow onwards
Be seated as specified above at 7 PM(Indian Time)
Close your eyes. Focus on your Breathing.
Repeat the mental script/affirmation given above.
Continue for 15 minutes. (Keep a Stopwatch /Mobile alert/Other devices)
During this time, we also pray from our end. This combined synchronized prayer will initiate Healing in your heart& mind. Your life will change gradually.
In addition to the above, do the following the steps given below
Before going to sleep while in bed repeat the Affirmation Mentally, Continuously.
When waking up in the morning, just start repeating the script for 2 Minutes.
Do it regularly for 14 days
You will notice small changes in your life. One thing! You should keep this script a SECRET. It should not be revealed to anybody. Please, give your feedback after 21 days via message/mail/call.
Give us feedback after 15 days via mail/message/call.WhatsApp-8921128830
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